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Terra strike m1

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Author Comments

Terra Strike by Pelle Abrahamsson

edit upgraded to v 1.104
added dificulty setting
edit upgraded to v 1.1
thanks to xtchsbrlx on newgrounds for helpful feedback

The story begins..
The Terra security forces have two men out on patrol where the first encounter takes place.

if you manage to finish this episode you can continue with your save file at http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/517135

This mighty beast of a game takes time to load and even the loading screen is a bit sluggish sometimes so take the time to fetch a drink.

It also takes power to run and it will run less good on old computers
But if you turn the quality down to medium you should manage on 3 year olds.

A,s,w,d, moves armor-unit , q switch to next armor-unit, mouse press to fire

Arrow keys navigates around map

You will have to figure out most things by yourself in this game.

Armored combat is not for the weak-hearted it will be a challenge.

If you manage to beat it you can save your game and continue with your items + stats in the next episode.

poke me if you find bugs and remember to tell me how you found them or i wont be able to fix it up;

Have fun and enjoy,

//--------------------sta ts guide---------------

maxap: maximum action points , it's the value you can spent do move every turn,
You can also spend during enemy turn.

maxhp: max hull points, when your hull points run out your down.

Acy: accuracy. It defines your chance to hit. Some weapons are less affected by your characters accuracy though.

CC Acy: close combat accuracy: affects your chance to hit in close combat.

CC dodge: close combat dodge: affects you chance to reduce damage dealt in close combat by hitting space at the right time.

RD Armor: ranged armor , reduces ranged weapon damage,

CC Armor: close combat armor: reduces damage in close combat.

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Fun Game

Reminds me of the Close Combat series... except they had LOS and terrain that gave cover. I had thought that this game had it too and tried to hide behind a bolder, only to get shot through it. Maybe in the next game?

Also, add a save option before each mission! A person could reach the last level and just get unlucky, then they'd have to start over from the beginning.

Legenden-Gotland responds:

i havent played close combat in a while do i dont remember to much from that.

terrain that gives bonus to cover(rdarmor) could work.
terrain that covers from bullets is a bastard to implement as the game is allready heavy but the mid save game i will be working on.

the players want it so i will have to deliver!


Great game, I have no idea why is it in "green" classification in the main portal screen...


im looking forward to the next installment of the game i love the system.
what i like most is that you can save your energy and react to the enemy you dont see that much so i think this shows promise.


Its okay, the combat was weird it would have been better if there wasn't a turn system to be honest. It looked good.

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2009
10:19 AM EDT