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Naruto vs Bleach 1

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i was thinking about something with sonic, already started it... its gonna be cool, not a DBZ copy
and the draglade project was trashed, it sucked really bad...Bionic Mayhem i think it was called, maybe then i redo it...with fights obviously
does anyone that animates pretty good wanna team up with me in this? because its a lot of work....
i dunno if part 2 is gonna be made, because i really got into 32 bit, they are way cooler, and i dont know if i wanna do something with no sense like bleach vs naruto...i wanna move on to plots and shit, story, series. idk, i think its way cooler

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go bleach

Although I like the animation, I don't like the fact that people pit the main characters of these anime against each other. For example, Naruto generally likes the people he comes across, even Akatsuki members if they have a proper excuse (Itachi and Nagato), and the worst he gets to attacking someone is if his friends are in any danger. Ichigo doesn't hurt anyone for the same reasons. So the most you'll see them fight is a large bickering fight over...who gets the last bowl of ramen or something, in which neither side will go serious. Or even a sparring match where they casually fight one another, in a less packed area, like a meadow. Instead of fighting against each other, they'd sooner fight together to defeat a bigger enemy, like Aizen or someone. Which is why Toshiro fighting Sasuke is a little more believable. Although, Sasuke in the Leaf Village, in Shippuuden is unlikely unless it's to destroy it. But as I said, the animation is good, 32-bit animation wasn't always my forte, and you pulled it off nicely. So 3/5, content and believability is meh, but the animation is sublime :)

I'm the maker of this account and Naruto vs Bleach animation, and kind of forgot the password to it, so I can't update this or anything. There won't be a part 2. I'm too busy working on the following. http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/a 3bfe5810c6dd218c0113ba55ff6f13f
It's a sprite series that will be coming up soon, and that's just a scene. Anyways, I hope you will understand, and get to like what I do now.

crazy battles awh yeah. the type of characters id love watching battle you gotta do part 2 man !