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Army Defence

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This is my 2nd td game and i think it came out pretty well. I hope you like it and please dont rate to harshly. P.S this is version 1.1


I noticed some things

as previously stated, when you upgrade weapons they fire slower, which is upsetting,
and I noticed after so long
instead of money per enemy killed INCREASING
it just goes to 1
so every time I kill something, no matter how much health, it gives me 1 gold.

this game needs a LOT of work
maybe put in more upgrades


I love tower defense games. This one is pretty run of the mill. Four guns and basic upgrades and that's about it. Some may like the music, i found it to be horrifically grating and the lack of a mute is REALLY annoying. Overall, you're off to a good start, it just needs something creative to set itself apart.

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y do the enemies give you so little money
and why do my towers shoot slower when i upgrade them??
you need to do a lot of fixing before this games earns a 3

Time Murder

Lacks a fast foward opption. Great 80 disco beat.. Get it with some mo unlockabells "Hadda Dadda"

Nice Start

I like where this is going, but it could use more sound. You could also include some more turrets possibly? Ground units other than tanks would also be a nice change. Different levels may be asking too much, but it's just constructive thinking. I love the game though, kept me busy for a VERY long time. Great work, keep it up!

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2.95 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2009
12:25 AM EDT
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