S13 - I Want It! Syndrome

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THX for the Daily Feature and Weekly Users' Choice guys, you made it possible :D
And thanks for the front page :B

Use the "dim light" button for the cinema effect :B and make it wider if your computer ain't slow, the original definition is 1280x720 pixels) btw the language is RUSSIAN*
---> There's a secret button in the 1-st frame, which will get you to the menu :P <---

This is the biggest and longest of my works yet, so grab a popcorn and prepare yourself to watch it for quite a long time (9:45)

Hope you'll enjoy it.

Thanks Tomamoto for recomending the Samson C03U mic ;)
Sorry Adam for bugging you :B

I wanted to reply to each of you, but there's just to many of you guys out there, so sorry :B


WOW! :) Great movie

Hey, this has alot of goood songs. :)
The offsprings and Good Charlotte and Zebrahead are some of my fave Bands.

And this Flash is pretty insane.
I love the Animations/graphics and it was pretty funny.

Good job, and I wish I could animate like this. <:/
But still great.
I hope to become this good one day. xD

Nightwayfarer responds:

Just practise and it'll get you further.
It's your choice)

And the collection?????

Man , I love S13 , since I.A.W.C.

And almost 10 minutes of laughs and funny stuff make this flash a large and hilarious masterpiece. You know like a "must see".

Still waiting for the collection . See Ya.

Nightwayfarer responds:

collection would be owsm :B

Funny and with a lesson too!

your humour has gotten better and now you've somehow infused it with a life lesson then right after you waste 10 minutes of our lives something seemingly impossible has been done

the animation you've done already has been good but I've noticed it has improved and the soundtracks were placed well too

one thing I can't understand is if this is supposed to be in russian why is there only english in the flash back scene? I know it's silent but shouldn't have russian or english subs with the main language?

Nightwayfarer responds:

In the flashback scene i've decided to change the russian text into english. It would probably look dumb if both of them were tigether there :B i also changed other russian signs into english because of that


i liked your previus movies, but this is a masterpiece, i like the stpry developing, the angles, the use of the color, all

this deserves a 100/10

Nightwayfarer responds:

oh, that's too much, thanks x)

Missing: 1 Moral

The animation is good, and all the visual effects are good, except it was really annoying the way everybody looked like they all live on a boat or submarine. Why is the camera constantly jerking around, and why are the people jerking around with it? Is it meant as a distraction?

I hated the soundtrack. I can't stand the various forms of rock that have come with the last ten years. It's a bunch of people who are too young to have mature vocal cords, mature philosophies, mature habits, mature personalities, or mature vocabularies, whining and spewing a lot of third-rate, semi-regurgitated poeticism. And they can't even compose decent music, either, so I can't even understand why the adolescent crowd gives it such a listen, even if they can relate to being underdeveloped and ineffectual.

The story is ready-made for Alcoholics Anonymous or a teenage religious programme. It's the stuff that afterschool specials and public service announcements are made of. Granted, it's a great thing when a person who feels enslaved by their excesses manages to somehow break free and live a better life. But the entire bipolar episode of the main character bears no resemblance to rational thought, from the beginning to the end. The maxims at the end of the animation are as halfbaked as the lyrics to the music we're treated to.

Except it's so heartless that it really can't be taken all that seriously, and so the lighter qualities are allowed to rise and entertain the viewer. It's absurd, it's campy, and it's irreverent. The story deals with issues that many people can relate to and I'm sure some people will develope and instant kinship with the character.

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Nightwayfarer responds:

well... I usually respect others and their point of view, and this is no exception.
The things you've said are fair (I couldn't understand all of them though) so.. that's all I can say, my english isn't as good as yours :)

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Jul 25, 2009
1:30 PM EDT
Comedy - Original
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