July 25, 2009 –
June 7, 2011
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This game is 100% adult gaming

This is a full fledged rpg game... with a little nudity
and it's a little twisted...
okay maybe really twisted.

enjoy :)

if Mind Control does well it will be a series with about 1 episode a week
along with my Lose to Win series also about 1 episode a week
planning on a third series which is a surprise so wait for it. (it's not porn)


This is retarded.
I tried everything and I couldn't get the medals. I wish that I never even saw this game but I just saw in the medal section while strolling through and clicked on it. But wow what a waste because I spent forever watching some profane thing that I'm not even into and I couldn't figure out how to get any medals.

...Or any mindcontrolling, and why is this in the medal section? yes there are 2 Medals to get, but, how do you get them? I tried everything, and I didn't get a single medal, and Why Leveling up when max Level is Level 3? not that it's a big complaint or anything, why didn't I get a medal for reaching Level 3? or watching all the actions? I think this game deserves a 3/5, This is a not a bad hentai or a good hentai either. Aside from all my negative complaints, my biggest complaint is: That Akageniu Saito only has 2 actions, while Kim has 5 actions, why? why couldn't I unlock more moves with Akageniu while I Leveled up or reached max level? I think that Akageniu is a lot more sexy than Kim, and I was disappointed that there were no sex moves with Akageniu, if there at least were ONE sex move with Akageniu, then I promise you, I could have given this game a 4/5.

I click on the link to go to the new version and it always does the same thing.

how do you get the crazy medals here?

great but how u get the medals

whats the shows name for the videos


this is so awesome and hot ya!

this was great

where the vids come from?

it was good but need more things in it! (more videos!)

wooooow cool

the pink hair chick made sounds like a chimp. i swear she does but ya try harder. make me work for it.

just 7 hentai videos no interactivity at all except for clicking the links so overall just a 5 because the hentai videos and nothing else

just click and watch not much of a game next time impliment something more to keep people interested.


To be harsh... that is ALL this is. Its the same exact format as those hundreds of crap Hentai Quiz "games" that steal pictures of clips from other artists and slap it onto a few multiple choice questions... And yet they constantly get through because the perverted kids on this site can't seem to find any hentai pages that don't require a credit card.

Oh yeah... and your submission isnt even a quiz. No wrong possible answer... Every multiple choice leads to porn.

Seriously... this is Newgrounds, not some porn site. If you want to post porn... at least put some actual game behind it.

well, as entertaining as that was, i really dont get it.
its just 5 hentai videos.

Mine has a different color head than the shaft. Am I different? Oh please god don't tell me Im different. *Hysterical Boo-hooing*
Anyways it was ok its just 3 vids though so I gave it 5 stars, big whoop want to fight about it?


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2.69 / 5.00