Escape From The Black Box

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Living in the street is tough especially at winter. You find an abandoned building nearby, but after you enter, the door disappear...

A horror escape game with unique greyscale artworks. Solve the mystery and escape the building before the spirits overwhelm you. Or are you sure you can escape?

Walkthrough is inside the game.
Please turn on your speaker / headset and plays at night for best result.


Not bad.

it wasnt bad but getting past the web is horrible. The storys a little out there but it's not bad.


no epilogue? no ending cutscene? just the tentacles?


the giant spider puzzle can be solved by rightclicking and positioning the cursor over the bone. then left click twice and you got the bone without touching the net.

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It wasn't really scary and it was a bit buggy. The spider-web puzzle is really hard. I was going through it completely clear, but I kept setting of the spider. It was hard to tell if the focal point was on the mouse tip, or in the center of the mouse.

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rosedragoness responds:

It is the mouse tip :)

The ending was terrible.....

It needs a better ending.. It was interesting until The end..

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Okay I'm confused. I followed everything, the puzzles were good, I got and read all 6 pages and followed the instructions and then...nothing. Some tentacles came out of the box and that's it, it just stops? No message, no door, no anything? I'm not sure if it glitched or if the game was uploaded unfinished. I'll give it 2 and a half stars because gameplay to that point was good.

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rosedragoness responds:

After the box attack you you should get an ending page.

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3.54 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2009
1:44 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click