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Washing Mach Emulator 1.1

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New version with longer timers and round changes.

NOTE: This is only a beta to see how people enjoy this game (or not) so please give ideas. the finished version will have multiple levels and UNLOCKABLES, i know what your thinking...WASHING MACHINES? YAYY!

Based on David Firth's Burnt Face Man

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This was notbad of a game it was entertaining the extra bonus ones are fun and make it even better a fun game you have here it was entertaining and keeps you busy if you have time to waste so is great for that so nice job. Anyways nice game here a nice fun one here

Fun game doesn't need much


Fun. :^)

The Most Perfect Time Waster

I was entertained for a while just seeing how high I could get my score. The unlockables made it fun. And I just loved the pixelated style so much! The graphics/physics could have been a bit better, but this has become one of my favorite time wasting activities.


Shouldnt you mention the fact this is based of David Firth'sburnt face man though?

HUN73R responds:

WOOPS ye i ment to ill change that, i did mention it in the 1st ones decription

Fun and enjoyable.

When I saw this on the "new submissions" bar, I said to myself "Phhh, a washing machine, how fun" and just clicked on it to see what it was going to be like.
Personally, I think it deserves a much higher score than it has; it has fun gameplay, even with a few bugs, and a creative idea. You may want to work on the graphics a little, and the variety of things to do in each of the levels, but otherwise, I enjoyed playing this game.
I can't wait to see another version!