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City Invasion

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How to play City Invasion:
Build units to attack the enemy headquarters and defend your own. Press Up/Down to switch between the five attack lanes, then click on the unit icons to build a unit in that lane. Click on the special ability icons when they are fully charged to use an ability.

Please let me know what you think of this game. Genre/controls/playabilit y/etc. Thanks.

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i thoght this game was AWESOME!!

5 stars

too much like warfare 1944. first try got 1st on the board. But i still enjoyed so 5 for you.

It's Okay But Not Really Great

It was too short and easy. On my first try I got 10th place on the highscore boards. It would be great if it was longer. But besides that awesome!

Tiberium Basic

Fantastic, if you changed a few things this game could be competition for the Command and Conquer series...

maybe a bit overcomplicated and busy

cool graphics, cool idea, like super rock paper scissors or something, but in the end, adding more and more combinations becomes kind of a pain in the ass, although I do appreciate that you started making the new guys multipurpose.
I just didn't have any fun figuring out which character to put on the field. Maybe if they had individual timers it would be more exciting?