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hai! wut u doing!?

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hai! wut u doing!?

This is a tribute to Kanamomashouse's many adventures of G and Bob, so I suggest watching those before watching this flash. Today, G and Bob find something to do.

The audio was created by my good friend, who also gave me a quick tutorial for the replay button.

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bro wtf this has stick pengis make the rating adults only my brofther was watcing and he gouged his eyes out when he sawed pneis... wtff


I'm in awe...

HydraliskElite responds:

I know. This has to be the best flash I will ever produce.

Flawless Masterpiece

If I could vote 1000 on this flash I would.

HydraliskElite responds:

I know, it's that great.

All you need is a proxy, then you can vote five five-hundred times.


Well done boys, well done.

HydraliskElite responds:

This took me about ten minutes to animate.

Boys? I'm older then you. What the fuck you.

Bai bai.


Quite unique, i must say. alot better than i could do so im not going to critisize, keep practicing with flash and youll get alot better in time ^^

well done, :).

HydraliskElite responds:

When I first saw the adventures of Bob and G, I felt the same way. A lot better then you could do? Nah, I'm sure that with practice you could do better.

The characters for the series were drawn like this. Since this was a tribute, I felt that the art should remain the same way.

Thanks for understanding!