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Tankmen Improv Pt.1

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Author Comments

A TANKMEN short in a hopefully long line of shorts. My next short will be about 30 seconds longer than this.

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needs voices and where can i download the tank guy

pretty good idea :)
needs voices tho
coz it gets realy boring
with no one to listen to XD

where can u download the tank guys from?

HoppyHarrington responds:

make'em from scratch, unless you mean the 'newgrounds everything by everyone'
then just find it here on the site, right click and save.

realy needed voices

it really shouldn't loop and it needs voices you coulda asked anyone for em
otherwise the people will get jumbled up

HoppyHarrington responds:

I suppose so, I'll go ask JohnnyUtah

Confusing title.

When you said improv I thought you meant unscripted voice acting. You can't truly improv a flash. Okay I guess.

HoppyHarrington responds:

I'm sorry...

really good

look forward to more tankmen inprovements keep up the good work my good sir

HoppyHarrington responds:

No thank you sir, its warm heart felt comments like these that keeps those soldiers going...

I think this calls for some candy. WTF!!!

these are the kind of nonsense shorts that can make your day, good job, I LOVE it!!

HoppyHarrington responds:

D thanks, I haven't animated too much at all yet and I wanna do a couple more shorts like this but maybe a little longer. I think people might have been disappointed by how short it was and that there were no voices...