Apocalypse Lane: Poker

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EDIT: Front Page! Kick ass. Watch more episodes at Escapistmagazine.com

Hello Newgrounds!!

This is one Episode of a 48 episode web series called Apocalypse Lane. If you like this episode, you can watch more at Escapistmagazine.com. I've included a nice little link on the loading page of the flash for your clicking pleasure.

Even cooler, join the escapist so you can leave comments and critiques on the episodes. I will personally be answering questions about the show in the forum on each episode.

In other news: Prostitute Mickey 3 is still being worked on slowly. I'm bringing in an additional animator to help finish it soon, so you may see it in the next few weeks. We "might" also be doing a Mad Mad Mario 2. We'll just have to see. ;)

Either way, watch, vote, and enjoy. :)




Just outta Russian curiousity...

Didn't the Escapist bind in a contract, saying you can't post your videos anywhere else but on the Escapist, like they did with Yahtzee.

Jonnyethco responds:

Yes. But they agreed to let me upload one to Newgrounds after I asked. i have history with Newgrounds and I wanted some people to see this show who may have missed it or did not know about it. I will most likely upload another one down the line, but 95% of them will only be on The Escapist.


That zombie dude in the end was freaking funny!
Also LIFEinLOVE is right. This would become a nice series on adultswim :D

But then the hose broke Haha.

That was funny the gay Skeliton was hillarious.

this reminds me of the Oblongs

otherwise good job.

Jonnyethco responds:

Oblongs was a great show. The offbeat humor appeals to me, as you can tell. :)

That was....


"$*#&@^$(*& with a corkscrew and a 2x4" almost made me sh## myself

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Jul 23, 2009
6:47 PM EDT
Comedy - Original