Apocalypse Lane: Poker

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EDIT: Front Page! Kick ass. Watch more episodes at Escapistmagazine.com

Hello Newgrounds!!

This is one Episode of a 48 episode web series called Apocalypse Lane. If you like this episode, you can watch more at Escapistmagazine.com. I've included a nice little link on the loading page of the flash for your clicking pleasure.

Even cooler, join the escapist so you can leave comments and critiques on the episodes. I will personally be answering questions about the show in the forum on each episode.

In other news: Prostitute Mickey 3 is still being worked on slowly. I'm bringing in an additional animator to help finish it soon, so you may see it in the next few weeks. We "might" also be doing a Mad Mad Mario 2. We'll just have to see. ;)

Either way, watch, vote, and enjoy. :)




wow i am so watching more episodes!!

wow !! that was amazing i think im gonna have to give it a ten and watch all the other episodes btw was fallout 3 a source of inspiration cuz it sure reminds me of hours spent killin raiders awww the memorys

Thank god for escapist!

I couldn't do with only one episode! So glad theres gonna be 48. This is a great concept with great characters and a very unique feel. This is one of the series I check for an update everyday. Great work.

Jonnyethco responds:

Thanks. We release a new one every Friday at noon (Eastern Standard Time).

The Apocalyspe Never Looked So Funny.

Being a fellow Escapist member myself, I'm aware of such hit series like the "Sir Shmoopy of Awesometon", "Let There Brawl" and others; but to be honest, compared to your other cartoons, I was a liitle bit aprehensive of viewing this series at first for some reason. But now that i have been introduced to this particular one, I may be interested in the judgement day as well as coming back to escapist to see this series unfold as well as the others. I mean the post apocalypse never looked as fun since Fallout 3. I mean the animation looks the same, but the character design and their voice design were indeed original. Despite the characters being original, this episode really wasn't. It was the typical 'Girls Night Out' kind of episode with the last one to talk usually having the wildest time. Leave it to the gay community to have one heck of a time (With the movie Bruno being my defense). So thanks for reminding me that escapistmagazine still exists, congrats on the contract, and thanks for this introduction. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some catching up to do before North Korea starts the beginning of the end....of non apocalyptic comedy.

Funny in some kind of dirty way...

Very funny man, and well animated, i really laughed with the gay zombie, i'm not familiar with this series too, but this episode was really amazing, the caracacters are somehow criative, but i've already saw more criative ones, but its really good, you could put some subtitles you know, I dont know if someone had the same difficulty as i had trying to hear, because the sound of my notebook is low, thats, all, well done.

Thats just my opinion, hugs, Kaio.

This was quite funny

I love the zombie, he is just awesome. The show is fairly funny.

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Jul 23, 2009
6:47 PM EDT
Comedy - Original