Lesbian Deathmatch

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This is a short animation that i created hurredly for world outgames... maybe not the best thing ever, but it is definetly there


not a fan of this at all, wasnt that funny in my opinion

arty-farty responds:

that is completely understandable, it like 7 years old

I think the joke is funny

Being of the female gender myself, though not a lesbian I have experienced fights with other women (my sisters growing up) who looked exactly like this. didn't mean they weren't heartfelt. Part of the female socialisation is not to learn to fight. Simpel as that. Great job. Great music too.

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but no action. Although what I think you were going for is that that are going to die by slaping, which is funny, but it requires thinking. Unfortunatly jokes need to be fast and easy to understand, but I might be wrong for I am not a mind reader. Your animation is great and I want to see future things from you, so keep animating!

It's not bad...

The artwork and animation were pretty damn good. I expected a little more gore and blood but, I kinda get the joke. Although, nobody died at the end which was a letdown. I've seen much much worse =]

More Substance Needed

The art's good, but there's nothing else to back it up. There's very little lesbian action going on, and the deathmatch consisted of about 2 seconds of slapping each other. Next time, try having a bit more content.

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2.26 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2009
9:50 AM EDT
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