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Shape Defence

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Defend your tower against all the enemies coming your way. Then go shopping for more powerful weapons and fight again. The enemies get stronger and come more often as the levels progress. Do you have what it takes to become #1 in the highscores?

How to play
Use your mouse to aim and shoot.
Press space to fire a bomb

Read the ingame controls for the full instructions on how to play.

- Bombs are VERY useful and cheap
- the cannon upgrades very well
- the sniper(500 gold) isn't worth buying
- the machine gun(5000) is extremely good once upgraded
- the cluster(15000) is incredible. 30 bullets per second



Rather addictive

Well, this game has all of the things required to make a very good little defence game out of it - the setting is decent enough, the graphics and concept are nice looking, if slightly unoriginal. The music is well chosen and applied, while everything seems to fit together well.

I particularly like the bloodstains that you splatter across the battlefield, when you hit an enemy. While I'd have preferred to be shooting things that look like something advancing towards a position on the battlefield, we have to work with what we're given. Shapes remind me of something akin to markers on a WWII battlefield map, where the controllers move the pieces so we can see who is doing what, without leaving the security of the War Office in Whitehall. Walkers, runners, heavy ordinance and the like could have been used instead - this could give a different dynamic of having things that need to close to a certain range, before opening fire on the position. Obviously, this could lead to snipers, who almost always hit, while some troops get very close and hit you 1 in 6 tries, for example.

Certainly worthy of stealing a morning from me, but there's room to take this game further. I'd love to see new versions of this game spring up. Let me know and I'll review them as well.

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51lver responds:

Thank you for your review, I'll take what you've said into account and definitely let you now of any sequels to it :)

Pretty good but needs some work.

You should add a better background and lower the prices on weapons. Plus, consider shortening the length of the later levels. I spent like 5 minutes on one level mindlessly shooting easy type enemies and didn't have enough gold to get anything.

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ok tried taking that challenge 2 win 1k from you for beating final level , if i press continue right now im at lv 36 this takes so long
and the game is way to cpu intensive when theres more then 5 things on the screen it lags a lot maybe add a quality button in the future

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51lver responds:

there is a quality button, in the pause menu AND on the main menu

good luck going for 1k

Simple, but addictive

A very simple setup. One gun, many shape-opponents, some explosions and blood effects. This is you game in one sentence. But is this really everything? No, there is some kind of leveling system, I can buy new guns, increase the power of my guns, increase my health, etc. . Still very simple, but somehow this game is very addictive. Maybe it's the simplicity of the game that makes it so addictive. No long introduction is needed. I can just load up the game and play it for a few levels.

Also I thought the sniper wasn't that useless. It's not as loud as the cannon and I hit with every shot, lol. ^^

Anyway, I think the simplicity is also the biggest flaw of the game. I played it until level 10 and still no enemy had hit me. Maybe the difficulty should increase slowly but surely when the player advances through the levels. Not only more opponents, but also stronger opponents (=introduce different/stronger shapes in higher levels). Maybe even some sort of boss fight every 5 levels or so? The boss could slowly advance towards the player and once he reaches him he starts advancing again from the edge of the screen, or something like that

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Very Good. Usually I Don't Write Reviews Like This. But It Seems I Have To. >_< Anyway, Firstly, The Music Is Good, But Maybe If You Had The Time, You Could Make A Soundtrack With Multiple Songs So It's Not Too Repetitive.
Secondly, It Would Be Nice To Make Different Enemies, And Remove The Blood.
Blood + Explosions = BAD. Maybe Have Certain Enemies That Attack In Patterns? And Have The Cannon Able To Move Around. Also, Making More Weapons And Selectable Upgrades (E.g. Spread Cannon: Increase Spread/ Firing Speed / Moar Bullets!!) . Finally, Make The Menus A bit Less DULL And Make The Player Able To Cuztomize The Cannon To Their Liking.
Overall, This Game Is Pretty Good.
Rating: 7/10
'Sauce Flava: Power sauce.
Good Job! Follow My Suggestions And You May Just Get Front Page.

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3.97 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2009
5:59 AM EDT
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