Metal Gill Jawesome

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This is a cartoon made just for the Halibut.
Water are you wading for?
Dive on in!

[Edit] Ding! 200k views, easily surpassing the total views for any of the other pap I put out over the years. Thanks gang, lots more stuff coming... soonish.

[Edit] Monthly 4th? That's pretty nifty! Thanks gang!

This is my very first full length flash cartoon, and the voice work is done by the always delightful, Egoraptor.

It is a full recreation of MGA redrawn completely by Jonas (me!) with 4% more nautical humor. So that being said, this will snag both Street Shark fans swimming around on the site.

To make that clear, EGORAPTOR ONLY DID THE VOICES, so try not to judge the animation based on what he's done, this is all my sloppy work. Nothing was stolen, ONLY MY HEART. I owe him a happy meal for his voice work.

This is like Metal Gear Awesome + Sharks. So if you are not up for terrible puns and eye glazing fast text jokes that require multiple views, LEAVE NOW. Your mother is outside ready to take you to soccer practice.

This was from a long running idea when I saw Ego draw an 'Awesome Dolphin', and Stamper saying I take jokes way too far.

Especially the one about how I could never read Ego's screen blurbs fast enough.

Please watch Ego's Metal Gear Awesome, or this will make no sense... perhaps that's for the best.

I hope you enjoy this.

If not, blame Luis.

Names of the characters from the movie vs game. If this seems dumb to you, imagine when I find rule 34 of this stuff on the net.

Solid Shark - Solid Snake
Colonel - Colonel
Liquid Shark - Liquid Snake
Meryl - Meryl
Revolver Lobsterlot - Revolver Ocelot
D.O.L.P.H.I.N Chief - DARPA Chief
Ninja Sword Fish - Ninja
Psycho Prawntis - Psycho Mantis
A walrus - Dr Phil
God of the Sea - Poseidon



"Attention, flash viewer, I drew a picture of Meryl being "fappable" as a fish and I am ashamed.

As such, I have for your sake, and my reputation, blotted it behind this black box. May it never see the light of the day."

Jonas responds:

There is another joke with that, can you find it?


It's pretty awesome how you literally parodied it so directly.
I like saying words.

Very Jawesome!!!

Loved it. Obviously it's not the same as the original, but it really makes your kind of humour shine through. And it shows your dedication and love of Egoraptors work too, especially as you got the main man on set to do the voices. (Nice job there ^^) Overall I thought the movie was great. Great puns, persistent gags, and really cool name changes too. I hope your future work turns out as, if not more, jawesome as this one. Keep it up dude, take care.

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im sorry but uhhhhh, the original one was way better, but ill give u a 3/5 4/10 for the thot an effort tho XD nice job tho, keep it up

That was so corney!

But it made me ROFL

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Jul 23, 2009
3:45 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody