N. Zero vs O. Zero

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This is my second solo submission, and was made for practice. Constructive criticism is appreciated. THIS IS A SPRITE MOVIE! If you can't stand that, than don't watch or vote down solely because it is a sprite submission. If you like it, vote it into the megaman collection.


damn...did omega tear X out of his ultimate armor...holy shit

SS4FlameAlchemist responds:

Something like that. The comic is on Smackjeeves if you want to check it out.

pretty good movie.I always wanted to see o zero and n zero fight.

SS4FlameAlchemist responds:

Thanks. Check out my Virus Wars comic for more.

awesome concept, and pretty good animation. but i think you really need to work on your dialoge lol mebe have someone plauy editor for you? sprite movies revolve around what is said between characters. if that isnt up to par it sort of kills the momentum of the movie... all in all great movie though!

SS4FlameAlchemist responds:

Yeah. This was practice. And the dialogue was kinda cheesy. I'll keep that in mind for future flashes.

Pretty Good

Was actually pretty good, way to go, although the only thing i'd like to say is, that i kinda expected Nightmare Zero to be a bit... Evilish? like a dark personality, just thinking out loud, also the text was a bit too fast, even if it had no buttons, it would have been cool if there was a bit bigger of a delay. Keep it up man, overrall, really good!

SS4FlameAlchemist responds:

Hey thanks. I may or may not go back and redo this one. I did learn how to do buttons to precede text, and part 2 has them, but hopefully, my next flash will have voice acting.

Well, as the story unfolds, Nightmare Zero will be more of an extremist anti-hero. Sort of.

hmm rong omega

you used a diferent omega sprite then the original plus when he,s in that transformation he,s weaker

SS4FlameAlchemist responds:

That's your opinion.

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4.29 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2009
4:09 PM EDT