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Time Freezer

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Lazy, just copy the description from my dA submission:

*EDIT* Woohoo! The slider is completely redone! (Of course, someone else did it and I followed his/hers tutorial)
But that doesn't matter; just that it works now!

*Edit* Added a "START" button and moved one thingy (so you can see the last "Done"
*Another edit* These edit's are fast: move one layer upper, etc., but uploading takes more time... But. Yeah. That's a volleyball. =)
*One edit more* Slider's numbers seem to be bugged. Won't fix now.

Woo! It has a loading screen! =D
Sometimes I hate Flash. You know, I did the video part, added a pitiful slider (Doesn't like to slide backwards...) and then I start making the preloader. But noo. It doesn't show some objects. Well, finally got it working though.

This animation (now, main part done with Blender) was done manually. As some Blenderist's might know, you cant rotate the camera with IPO to do this, it's a single frame. You have to do it manually, rotating the camera step-by-step. But! Thanks to macros, I do it once and go to do something else.

The quality is a little bad, because double-encoding (first from PNG sequences to .m2v and then FLV) and also the motion blur has some problems. (Too fast, not enough samples)

You could also view it here: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=4YuzRIjpTbs
but, this was kind of a Flash practice.

Hope you like it, despite of the quality.

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It does not show me anything, it will be because it really is blank??

Pretty good animation


A rotating freezed mmodel scene thingy there.Lovely.

Nothing too interesting...

Well, it isnt a bad idea, is just it doesnt have something too interesting you know...It has cool effects and its cool how you did it in flash, but i think it was what you want, maybe, the rounding enviroment around a ball...well, maybe in the future you use flash for something really amusing, when you do this, call me, i'll be glad to see it and review.

That's just my opinion, hugs, Kaio.

Its a really nice movie thingie...

But there is nothing to d0.

MRXII responds:

It's a movie.

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4.21 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2009
8:54 AM EDT