King of the Kill

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What happens when a velociraptor with a chainsaw finds itself in Texas? This movie, that's what happens.

Bilbo is the creation of stafffighter's mind. I made him in photoshop. We both have way too much time on our hands apparently, hence this flash.

Magical Zorse is someone who I didn't even know until I needed help making this flash, and he proved to be awesome, in answering my noob questions.

Malachy offered me moral support.

Lady Gaga is not in this flash. but I can't stand her. I have a pretty good idea of what a "disco stick is"....and I'm sure it's covered in more diseases than some third world country.


Damn bitch.

This sexy ass flash makes want to pull on your hair and shit maybe even let you make me a sammich.



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SevenSeize responds:

EyeLovePoozy for admin 2009

yay randomness

XD. >.> so what its not the best drawn but i found this amusing X3. Good job ^^

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SevenSeize responds:

Thank you muchly.

What am I seeing?

This animation... makes no sense. Though it does fit the NG quota for random bull, I find myself a bit, unentertained. The concept just isn't funny. I don't get your thinking here, at all. This might have been acceptable in the opening weeks at New Grounds, but now, in 2009, it's just uncalled for.

If you need to do something experimental, so be it, but at least polishing it so it looks, I dunno, animated would be nice.

A 0, out of 5.

SevenSeize responds:

"Flash by E-102Gamma- none" So until you try to make something, I couldn't really care less what you think. But I commend you for talking like a grown-up when you review. :-D


damn dude you must of been on da weed if you came up with this!
speaking of which i'm selling you want some more?
Jay and Silent Bob

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SevenSeize responds:


:D haha

ha, well done friend, well done.

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SevenSeize responds:

Thank you muchly

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4.36 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2009
7:50 PM EDT
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