Professor Layton pt. 5

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The Professor gets on Facebook...

(This is the official end/finale of the series! Thanks for watching and all the support. I made one last part after this to return the love.)



i am so in love with this series it is not even funny XD you have such a great sense of humor

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Hungry for more!

Thanks, this is awesome, the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. In my opinion this is the best of the five so far, and I'm dying for more. Layton's character has been so corrupted in such a funny way and I like how the dark and morbid humour is inserted into such everyday scenes as shopping and reading bed-time stories. The relationship between Layton and Luke is the heart of the series but his relationship with Flora is also disturbingly interesting. Maybe explore Flora and Luke's relationship? I'm really looking forward to the date with Audrey. Maybe Audrey could turn up at the house to find him naked and unconscious with pudding smothered everywhere. ^^

Overall I just love Layton the character down to the way he speaks and his little turns of phrases. There is so much room to explore in this direction I just hope you keep it going!! It's sad the Professor has to die though. :' < I love invincibility of Luke and Layton's stop-start rage. The more you make the trickier it's going to be I guess to make them all fit together and be consistently funny, but you've done a fantastic job so far.

P.S. I've found that opening it in two windows about three seconds apart, doubling thedialogue, makes the arguments funnier, only tried this with the second one though! (did it by accident)


What is his obsession with pudding?

Skaijo responds:

...I think there was one hell of n incredibly fleeting passing reference he made to porridge in the first game. And during recording pudding man just sounded funnier. It's kinda evolved into it's own thing.


... a definitive improvement over the previous one. This whole series is extremely twisted and dark, making it hard to get the humour right sometimes, but this time around I greatly enjoyed it. Let me detail my (quick) review:

- Graphics, well, there's some definitive improvements this time around, especially the backgrounds (which are a great step up from last time) and the different art style you use in the middle. I am slightly disappointed that your animation technique isn't that good (I think you've done better), but it's competent enough.

- Sound-wise, the voice acting was great, as usual, as was the music and the special effects. Not much to comment here, really, except that the dialogue was slightly more fluid and clear this time around, from having less two-people-speaking-at-the-same-time.

- Humour was the biggest improvement from the last movie. It's difficult to say what's changed, why it's much more funny, but it just is. This series is always skirting around the edges of dark humour, sometimes crossing the line (not necessarily in a good way), but this time around it worked well.

In part, I think, because you managed to compliment the character's insane dialogue and actions with the puzzle/videogame aspects of the game really well, kudos for that. It may not be laugh out loud funny, but it's funny and humorous nevertheless.

The length and flow was also pretty good, as was the contribution towards the overall storyline. I'm beginning to become quite curious as to how this is all going to end, despite my strong suspicion that things aren't going to end well for anyone.

So, overall, a solid and funny entry for the Layton series, highly enjoyable. Cheers and kudos!

There are no words for this..

My stomach is sore from laughing so hard, I've never seen anything so funny in my life, I've replayed this so many times. I LOVE THIS xD.

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