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Toast Delivery

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Author Comments

You play as the toast trying to get to a customer, can you dodge the obsticals and stay on course?!

Beat the game on advanced mode to get a secret. (Bottom left corner of the menu.)

Stop just playing the first part. It doesn't only have the bird level ya know. There's 3 parts. >.<

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A fun game

And here was another fun game with lots to enjoy the toast was a toast lol haha anyways you had some nice jokes and I understand them well most of them but the ideas of the game really made it fun and entertaining but overall a good game you have here

~things to improve on~
I think adding a few more jokes would be cool



lol toast is fun

MintPaw responds:

Haha, thanks.


Yeah I get it; it's a fun game. I loved the "COD4" style health bar, which makes it harder for you to see the more damage you take. Also thought the concept was okay.

My problem is that this game is completely dependant on luck. A skilled player could have to play through the first level 20 times; a completely novice could breeze through. It's not fair that I lose because of luck all the time, there was barely any skill to it. If I happened to avoid a bird/meteor and went the 'wrong' way, I'd be dead. You need a mini-map, a longer time to react, or more responsive controls - How can I move out the way of the obstacle I've just seen if the controls won't allow it? It's unfair, and causes massive frustration.

I'd recommend resubmitting this with some better gameplay, because this could be really good. Consider some bonuses and 'extras' too.

MintPaw responds:

There is a bonus if you beat it on advanced. Bottom right of the menu.

And I does have skill. I can get though the game on beginner in 0 deaths every time. And only 2 deaths on intermediate. Most people die 10-15 times on beginner on there first try. It's all skill my friend. ;3


People this game is pure genius! I LOVED it!
Yeah the animation and drawing need some work - but the concept was just wacky enough to work and be pulled off with great style.
Regarding gameplay, as other people have noted there were some problems, I believe your biggest one was movement - which I'm guessing you tried to pull off to fit the major speed of flying out or into orbit but instead felt sluggish. Also having the birds the same color as the clouds didn't help much...
I liked how instead of a health bar you had a lowering darkness bar, especially since it makes the game harder the more you are hit, but it's appearance and animation need to be smoothed out a bit so it'll fit better with gameplay.
All in all you had some good ideas here and although a dodge game isn't the most original thing in the world - the setting itself was just crazy enough to make the whole thing work, though if it were up to me I'd make it even wackier and faster with all kinds of crazy power ups and wacky enemies (like those crazed waffles!!). Although the has some faults, it was just oozing with potential and is a good beginning for the awesome game designers you just may grow up to be - considering this game a test of your talents.
Good luck in the future and thanks for the cool game!
Hope to see more soon.

P.S. What was up with that climbing white dot at the games end screen??

MintPaw responds:

Haha, thanks. We're gonna try harder next time. :3 And that was probably a loose cloud that didn't get removed from the screen. X3

good but.........

i cant beat the 1st part

MintPaw responds:

Haha, try it on beginner.

Credits & Info

3.01 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2009
4:11 PM EDT