Eggman's plan

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Basically this is a spoof of the plot in Sonic Unleashed.... starring Dr. Eggman.

Been working on this one for quite some time and I'm glad I finally finished it. I originally had a giant script but that would have taken me WAY too long but I might decide to do some scenes from that if people like this enough. Anyway enjoy!

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This almost made me feel sorry for Eggman.


Why is it that he claims to have an IQ of 300 and yet this shit continuies to happen?

Bravissimo, brutha. You did pretty damn well with this flash.

The XTreme Gamer
Paul Stetich

Anco6900 responds:

Guess he just has the IQ for bragging rights... although it doesn't seem to be doing him much good now a days :/
Thanks man! Can't wait to finally release something with my new tablet though. Keep up the awesome music!

Good for practice

A decent artstyle, funny jokes, and a good parody. On a side note, ever notice how all of Eggman's mechs have "Egg" in their name?

Anco6900 responds:

haha I know eh? That's why the next one won't have "egg" in it to throw everyone off. and thanks for the review

well done

keep up the good work the jokes were quite nice, but the graphics didnt live up to expectation however i still give you 10 cause i only give 0 or 10 ( intermidiate ratings are just too normal XD)

Anco6900 responds:

I know about the drawings but I keep practicing so hopefully my drawings will live up to the expectation :)

Okay, I guess

This was a little good, but nothing too innovative. I did like the Knuckles joke (You're not even in this game!) and the back-talking robot (Previous Joke).

Anco6900 responds:

the knuckles joke is actually pretty much the whole reason I wanted to do this flash! The back talking robot is just something I like to see in cartoons and other animations a lot. That kind of sidekick who acts like he REALLY doesn't to be with the other guy. That sorta thing. Glad you sorta liked it :)

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Jul 21, 2009
12:16 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody