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Pico VS Darnel

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Pico and Darnel fight to decide who really is Tom Fulp's main charecter

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i was expecting a real fight not little sticks


what a poop

this sucks

Ok, so here's the deal, GSM......

Not that I didn't think you've improved from some of your previous work, Ok, BUT, I did thinkt he whole fight sequence deal, with the colored lines instead of Pico and Darnell ACTUALLY fighting was a little weak.
Who am I to say anything though, right? I mean, it's not like I have ever submitted flash before, so. Sorry if you thought that sounded bitchy, Man. 'Cause that's NOT what I'm trying to come off as. Just letting you know how I feel. Hell, even when you had old Jeeves (hang on a sec, NOT Jeeves, cuz the turtle flying was LOOKING for Jeeves, right?) flying through the air, he wasn't a freakin' colored stick thingy. Heh heh heh
You ARE really growing in your abilities as a flash artist though! Keep it up, GSM! Soon, you'll be animatin' like the big dawgs, 'round hyah! :)

................Take care, be good and make something else, please.period

Giantsockmonster responds:

Pretty much no effort was put into this

Very simple and lack good graphics

when i hear pico vs darnel i excpect a good fight
I also excpect the characters to fight not sticks
the graphics lacked skill
the perfect recipe for a bad flash