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Vehicle Tower Defense

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This game is my first fully finished and done through game. It took me a few months of working on. The most time consuming part definitely had to be fine tuning the difficulty.

There are 50 levels in all, bosses here and there, unique forms of waves as you progress, and also a final boss at the end if you can handle it.

My goal was to create a fun, addicting, and challenging strategy game.

Let me know how it goes and thanks for playing.

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It's a good start, maybe add some way for canceling the placement of a tower and only deduct the cost after placing the tower.


Awe Dang I made it to only level 21. Great job bub! =D

great game

This is a fun addicting game. Simple but fun. I think the pricing a little too high and the glirch makes it easy after a few tries, but I got hooked and all i say is I look forward to more of your games!


Iv'e found a HUGE glitch..
Once you loose, you can keep on playing - even though the game over screen appears. Your lifes go down to minus.

Then, right click - rewind, then forward again to get to the tutorial and then start the game.

You can now continue playing the game and click "reset" on the game over screen - you loose your money, but ur lifes are renewed and you still have all your towers.

Apart from that massive fault, i loved the game.

Not too bad, but...

I couldn't find a way to cancel tower placement (even clicking other tower types didn't do it), so the cost of the tower was gone even if the player change their mind or selected the wrong tower by mistake. You should change this mechanic so that the tower cost is only deducted AFTER the player places the tower, and allow them to cancel tower placement.

Also, some of the tower ranges seemed a little deceptive. Some towers either fired their initial shot very late, or didn't actually target an enemy within the displayed range until they got much closer.

Not a bad effort overall though! Tower defense games aren't the easiest to develop, but you did a good job.

P.S. Ninja turtles are awesome. :D It was cool when Ralph kept popping out.