Pigboss's quest 2

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This time i spent 8 hours on this episode.
I think it is a little better than my last flash.
ya, I didnt have time to fit in all that was about to happen, but
I'm pretty sure the next episode will be great (plot wise)
I know many of us still dont get what is going on(including me) , people just randomly fight each other.
but you will find out everything in the next episode.

I dedicate this flash to my parents in Taiwan.


Hah Ha! This one is good

Can't wait untill the next one because I want to know what is going on. And if you can, try to add voices, if not... oh well, right?

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PIgboss responds:

HAHA, thanks man.

Yer, I'm half drunk

lol at the first few parts XD

Fun flash, with some dodgy grammer.

Not too bad, it's nice and colorful , so it's gets away with being a little basic.
It's a pity some of the English is a bit dodgy; there are a few mixed up sentences, incorrect tenses and misspellings. Maybe ask a friend to go over text before you commit it to flash, and always make sure to spell check, I should know; I'm a very clumsy speller myself!

A hearty 6 I suppose,
+1 for the nice sense of "innocent fun" I get from it
-1 for the dodgy text. so... 6
oh, and I'm a fast reader, but the section at the beginning moves very quickly! some might find it hard to read. Good work in general though.

PIgboss responds:

haha, i expected there will be a comment like that.
ya, I need to work on my grammer.

i like it

in fact i really wanna see what happens next, keep it up!

ummm...story was where?

Animation: not half bad!

Storyline: urrrrggghhh :P Very predictable, full of cliche, and skipped interesting points because it appears you didn't want to animate them? Well, try to work on that.
3/5 5/10

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3.60 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2009
9:25 PM EDT
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