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angry video game nerd

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This is a parody about angry video game nerd. this might offend you if you like him. I used his song for this video.

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I would love to see the nerd's face after watching this. no offense, but this if offensive.

biIIgates responds:

me too


not bad but not good either


that is just evil

no offence


While I'm not the AVGN's biggest fan, and his excessive profanity gets on my nerves (and contrary to his title, some of the games he calls 'hard' he just plain sux at playing), you didn't have to slander him like that.
Comlaints aside, heres what I DID approve of: Character likeness. I've seen worse.
Sound wasn't choppy, just of low quality.
Animation...seemed almost lazy. ALMOST.
Also, the low scores SHOULD be given based on the VIDEO, people, not on whether you're a fan of the Nerd or not.


Ok... what can I say? First the video could've been longer I dunno it was like what? 15 seconds? I thought that the song in here was ok but the quality of it was kinda choppy. While the animation isn't the best I've seen it's still ok. But I really was offended by this I mean who would fucking insult the Nerd other than the Nostalgic Critic but I mean it was satrical and their both actually friends. Well, anyways maybe you shouldn't have put the uh... buffalo and the dead skunk because I generally found it seriously digusting (no offence). Then, overall it's not exactly terrible but there are some flaws that could be fixed such as putting the ROWLING ROCK some text bubbles of the Nerd swearing and stuff like that. In conclusion, I'm just saying you might wanna plan it out first.