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Starfighter parody

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Author Comments


Also, this is a PARODY of the Starfighter comic. If you don't know it, you won't get this flash.</b>
http://www.starfightercom ic.com

Well, it might be short and silly, but that's how I like them. :D

There are three endings, all based on what you pick the second time.

I hope you at least get a laugh. x3

(btw, I actually DO like the comic. This is done purely to have fun with the characters. ^^)

If anyone's curious as to why the loop at the beginning is lower pitch, it's because if you use an mp3 file, it has a gap in the loop. But if you use a WAV file, it's a lower pitch/slower. I guess if you made the WAV file faster in a program without maintaining the pitch, it would sound right in flash. @_@ (but I didn't in this case. x3)

Links to sites are in the flash on the credits page.

But just in case it gets blocked when you click to an external site, here's a few links again.

Starfighter comic: http://www.starfightercom ic.com

(FYI if you click "no" to being over 18 years old, you get taken to Barbie Horse Adventures on Amazon - it's a bit of an inside joke)

Audio: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/154985 (listed under the creative commons license)

More of my starfighter stuff: http://dazza1008.devianta rt.com/gallery/#Starfight er

For http://starfighter-fanclu b.deviantart.com

Starfighter (c) hamletmachine

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"some stuff happens"

haha that made me laugh, it took me a sec to realise your supposed to click a button when it had the options to do stuff

I have never read starfighter before so im not exactly sure whats going on. The loop of my song at the beginning is a lower pitch which suprisingly sounds cool =P

ill give it a 9 cuz you used my song =] (it was pretty good though, could use a little more moving animation but whatever)

btw i just killed abel and idk how it happened 0.0

dazza1008 responds:

It's the audio genius! :D

Thanks for the review. XD

There is a link to Starfighter comic in the description - but only click if over 18 and like graphic yaoi scenes. :0 (the flash parody is pretty tame, and doesn't give any indication of what it's about) If you do like that stuff, it's a riveting read. ^^

You killed Abel because Cain was pissed off that you said he was your bitch, and Cain killed you (Abel). (er, that sounds confusing XD)

The loop at the beginning is lower and slower, which actually translates to the same thing, pitch-wise. (to make the pitch higher, increase the speed of the song)

The reason is, if you use an mp3 file, it has a millisecond gap in the loop - imagine a gap every time it looped. :( But if you use a WAV file, it doesn't have a gap, but it's a lower pitch/slower. (but Flash converts the audio to mp3 when exporting, so it's not a huge filesize)

Part of the parody is that it's so short. ;p But I am learning more tricks with Flash - starting off slow because it's really frustrating when you can't figure out the right code. XD (so minimizing the number of times that can happen)

OK, glad you approve - cheers!

pretty good

takes to long to restart other than that not bad

dazza1008 responds:

What, the three bits of text? Thought it was pretty quick. Oh wells, cheers for your opinion.

add a preloader...

It was okay at best... But should have made a preloader, and it's very repeatitive... Make better animation...

dazza1008 responds:

I wouldn't say it's a 'good flash'. But it's meant to be silly. Yes, all those things you mentioned make a better flash in general.

Didn't want the preloader because I wasn't sure if I could get the sound to work. xD Since I eventually found code to get sound working, in retrospect, a preloader would have been better. cheers.

Not too bad

Needed to be longer, with more than two decision points. I liked the art.
With a little more effort, it could really be something.

dazza1008 responds:

The fact it's so short is part of the parody - it really can't be taken as separate from the comic.

Art was traced from the comic, into Flash. Really can't take credit for it.

I agree that if it were stand-alone, it would be better longer. XD cheers for the review.


Wow I like the sinthisized version of thunderhorse,
Take it your a fan of dethklock,
I hope you passed I thought the game was good.

dazza1008 responds:

Um, I used ganon95's synthesized version of Thunderhorse. See the "author and file information" on the top left, which shows the audio link. You can fave the audio there.

tbh I hadn't even heard of Dethklok, except this piece was in the top 50 audio in the audio portal. I think that the non-synthesized version of Thunderhorse is funny. :P (and now I know that it's a mock band on Adult Swim)

And so you know, the music did inspire the flash. I wanted to use it somewhere, because I really liked the riff that I used as a loop in the opening screen. :P

Credits & Info

3.70 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2009
8:00 PM EDT