Aqua Man Episode 4

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The season finale of aquaman. This is actually episodes 4 and 5. go to the info/prat feature to pick a part. i hope to see more reviews on this one then any other one. In your review please tell me what you thought of this season

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It's dangerous to go alone!

LOL XD I'm officially your number one fan. Are you going to be making more episodes or is this the end? I'd be sad if it was.

cackletta responds:

lol more episodes are coming out. for now im sick of aquaman so Im working on a mario series. you can expect aquaman in a couple months okay?

Good effort, gain experience

Throughout the submission, besides the very simple animation and voice acting with uneven levels, the idea that you're all very young didn't leave my mind. You all show a lot more focus and effort than the vast majority of NewGrounders your age, and these projects are great ways to increase your experience with Flash. You show great promise for the future.
As for the submission itself, like I said, the animation is quite simple. In future animations, try to look for some tutorials on how to draw with more details, such as lighting, shading, and texturing. And as has been said, the voice acting volume was up and down and all around, but that's an honest beginner's mistake.
All in all, it's not fantastic, but Rome wasn't built in a day, so keep at it and you might be looking at some green labels within a few submissions.

I didnt...

I played the low volume guy haha, i didnt know i was being so quiet. Sorry guys.

cackletta responds:

oh well you did a great voice acting job. next time see if you can change the volume settings on your mic or talk louder.

Not feeling it.

Just not feeling it man, poor animation and less than spectacular voice acting coupled with very dry humor. It's just not good. My feelings on it anyway, there's probably somebody who enjoyed it.

cackletta responds:

I know what you mean. I can't "feel" it neither. I try but what I lack the most is the music to fit in. I've got good battle music in my opinion, but what I need is music to go with the parts that are well dramatic or such. like the ending it could've used some scaryish type music. this series also isn't really suppose to be funny. more for the story and action.

Couldn't understand hald of what was said

The sound levels were all over the place, I'm not going to watch a movie with on hand on the volume control.

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2.75 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2009
1:21 PM EDT