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Songs With Dave Ep. 1

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Ok, so I was browsing the portal and saw that someone CRAP animation passed into the portal because it had a funny song, so I decided to do a better version of this cartoon and I hope you enjoy, PLEASE Comment I need feed back and songs that Dave should sing because I'm going to make a series of these. :D

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Too simple.

Its alright, sorta funny.

It's just the only thing you've done, it terms of good animation, is lip-sync Dave to the song, to a plain background.

Why watch what I can listen to in the audio portal.

Word of advice, if you're gonna make a series of these, add some hooks and things to keep it interesting and funny. Build on the joke the song has already given you.

Something could be, animating the background singers and in this particular songs case, you could've had 'happy Dave' killing himself in numerous ways.

Hope I've helped you to make a successful series,

Lycrios responds:

Thank Mate, I'll add funny clips of song related stuff to my next one :D and backgrounds ect... This was just a test to see if the series is worth making :D

a funny clip

as always, the most common complaint you'll get is: it's not long enough.
since this episode one, (you will do more, right?) you can decide how long the res t of them will be, as long as the song or just about a minute and a half or something. you could also have him nod his head durring the instrumentals.
you might want to take this seriously. your art is great, here even if there is only his head mouthing the words.
anyway, I await episode 2


that only works on me if the submiter wote the song.


Part of the appeal of the crap version of this idea is the bad and funny looking animation, not just the song choice. It's the entire composition that makes the piece. When you take a bad idea, such as this nothing-to-see-here lip sync cartoon, and make it all clean and pretty, it just doesn't look or feel right. You can try to polish a piece of crap, but it's still a piece of crap. Much like the used car-salesmen giving a lemon a new coat of paint, most people will see right through the shine and get irritated. At least the unpainted lemon isn't trying to be something it's not.

That said, the animation and lip-sync for the animation is great. That's talent that should be used on more worthwhile animation.

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3.96 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2009
3:53 AM EDT
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