monster running sequence

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I'm not very skilled in flash to say the least. This 2 headed monster thing was drawn by a friend and I created movement in flash based on his drawing. The reason I am submitting it to Newgrounds is because I was hoping to get some constructive criticism and advice on movement. I know this is not an epic flash, please take it easy on me, I want to learn.

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Good graphics and animation

It's a good running sequence, but that;s it. I like the look of it, but there was no sound and no plot. Develop your skills into a full-fledged movie and you may have a winner here.

~ Z


Ohh look at the monster it's so cuddly and kinda looks like that deformed bird-pokemon!

Pretty smooth animation

The movement on each side is pretty good, but when it switches from side to side, it jumps a bit. You could try adding additional frames to smooth out the transition.

Looks good. Ready for prime time. :-)

Looks good for the loop it is. It's perfectly acceptable as-is, the only way to tell if it works is to try it in a full flash. There are many different styles, this one is good, but it might not be good for whatever style of flash you plan on trying it in. So the only way to tell if it's really good is to see how you use it. So go on and use it! :-) I only blammed it 'cuz it's a test-like thing, not because I actually thought it sucked. It didn't. Can't say it sucks unless you try to convey a message that it doesn't convey. No message in a test loop, got to try it "for realz". :-)

Good start

I like the drawing but the movements should look a little more fluid, try to make it less glitchy looking. Nice start though.

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3.07 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2009
1:12 AM EDT
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