Wreckage Ball V3

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V3 of Wrecking Ball!
FI = Final Installment...Thats right i'm not making a V4!
Use a virtual wreckage ball to kill your favourite video game charaters (Don't Call me evil I have nothing against the charaters in my game I just thought it'd be fun to make a game where you kill video game characters)
This is much better than V2 of Wreckage Ball....I have also added more to the shop and better auto save feature so you don't have to worry about your save game being lost...
I have properly credited everyone in the credits so before you complain that I didn't make something read the credits)
This took me a month spending 8hrs a day on it....P.S if anyone wants a programmer i'm available I just need to collab with artists in my future games :)

~Enjoy and plz vote fairly.
~ go see how much this game has improved from V1 here (don't forget to remove everything in the "" http://www.newgrounds.com "REMOVE"/portal/view/5016 06

UPDATE: V2 got 3.01 so this has to get more! Its way better anyone will agree!


TIP: Bowser takes 5 hits to defeat.

SPOILER: The final boss in this game is Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.

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Fun, but appalling at the same time

I can't really fault the gameplay, really. It is fun. It is slightly awesome.

However, what I think ruined it was the way you presented it. The design for your menu, and your gameover and levelcomplete screens, etc. was just... you could definitely have done better on that. It was just really untidy and unbearable.


I don't know what the people in other reviews are talking about, this game is hilarious!
I must admit, this kept me awake and entertained for... Oh, an hour or two, but it was alot of fun for a flash game. Sure there were alot of bugs, but this game was fun as heck!

I'll be remembering this one, surley coming back to it sooner or later.

MadDogga responds:

Thanks appreciate it =)


it was fun for the first 3 levels, but then it seems that I was loosing health for nothing, preventing me from getting past it. I give you 6 for the first 3 levels.

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This game is bugged to hell

I actually feel as though my IQ dropped by about 20% from playing this game. It's too bugged to play properly and it ruins any fun people could have out of it.

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3.38 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2009
10:16 PM EDT
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