IMP episode 29

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Bad audio quality to keep it in 10 mb limits.
This version has better sound if it bothers you to much:
http://rogerregorroger.de viantart.com/art/IMP-epis ode-29-129604692

Wow, been more then a year since I made a regular episode.

This is the last one of te current style IMP episodes tough, after this I'm going to do some design changes, make Zody/John/Hhog look less like Sonic, a new IMP Mansion, and so on, and throw Luc, Bustin and all needless baggage out of the mansion.
not to mention shorter intro's and shorter episodes.
But that's for IMP 30.

Wel, thanks to IMP Regulars hhog, Zody, Hentaiboy, Henrik, Cornsilk, Sassi and Lindsay reprising their roles, Elessthecat, Luke wholey and Euan reprising their roles as Officer Pizu, DoughMeister and the mayor, and Lisse, Margriet and Frobman for special guest stars.

Warning, this movie's pretty big, probably 13 minutes or more, the largest movie I made since the old Sonic movie madness days, since this is the first movie I tried Ultra's tactic to bypass the whole " movie freezes after a certain amount of frames" thing. (the last scene with the pahtnom thief would be beyond that point.

No mature or adult stuff, unless you're offended by a few " damnit!"'s.
Have a good time.


Needless garbage?

So maybe Luke was just a filler character to be somewhat similar to Bustin's cursed persona, But why throw them away? Yes they basically have very few scenes but Bustin appeared as the battle ready member of IMP so with him gone, only hhog, hb, and henrik are the only one who can fight(not that fighting is needed to make the series good.) then again, looking at the fact that everyone can fight besides you, zody , his daughter and Jhon(or john). Luke was the only(in my knowledge) fan that was admitted a permanent role in the series.

Anyways great flash, Kinda miss the tweening because those ones look cleaner, But looking for new ideas is good.

Also, for the guy two reviews below me, As you can see in the previous 3 or 4 or ___ episodes, There have been no scenes where Jhon(or john) has been,killed,tortured,idiotically died by accident, and etc etc.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Yeah I decided to stop killing of John since it got tiresome.
Tough I guess I can bring it back if there's so much fan demand.

As for Bustin being the most battle ready character, fighting battles is not really a focus on the show. But maybe I'll reconsider then.

great one but i miss something

these new frame by frame mounts isnĀ“t good as the tweened mounts of your 2007 or 2008 flashes, but you still one of my favorite artists, i hope someday you make sonic other madness new season or something funny with alots of stupid characters but i like it, seeya

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NO YOU CAN'T GET RID OF BUSTIN HE IS THE BEST CHARACTER! Other than that , this episode is real great. However knowing my favorite character will be gone, I can no longer go on. *points gun to head and pulls trigger*

P.S. Just so you know about one third of IMP fans are Bustin fans. Also DEATH TO LUC AND JOHN! ESPECIALLY JOHN!!!


greatest one yet i love the imp


Is that a tie or a pennis ?

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3.89 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2009
10:26 AM EDT
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