Shopping City

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Build your own resort island... Earn money by building and operating the network of shops... You can upgrade or sell your buildings. Build fast serving shops at the intersections. You may construct different sizes of buildings at the same route. The shops can be damaged,you need to repair them. Fire or robbery can be accidently happened as well.

Now it's easier :)


1-)Build fast serving shops like pet shops in the intersections and receive customers from severeal routes.

2-)You can build additional measures(benches,music ads etc.) in order to slow down the coming customers. Especially if two routes are using the same shop in an intersection you must build additional mesaures on one route.

3-)The customers will not enter the same shop type and the same upgrade level but you may construct different sizes of buildings on the same route. Build a pet shop and after upgrading it build another one on the same route.


Not revolutionary, but entertaining nonetheless

This is a good game with a solid progression. Graphics aren't cutting edge, but they are eye catching. I like this game and I think many others will as well.

more exposure - give it a harry potter theme

I actually thought of a "turret defense" style game like this already with shoppers instead of enemies. Crazy. Anyway, I'll say good job like everyone else. I only wish it was easier to lure shoppers down an alternate path with different stores and "measures". You know, I'm not a Harry Potter fanatic, but most of the stories/movies featured shopping at Diagon Alley. Build wand shops, magic shops (like the weasley twins' shop), potion shops etc and you'll probably get a lot more exposure for this game.

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so addicting

this game is so addicting and good i love it <3

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not bad

its an all right game

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Cool Game

this game i cool the only thing is that it is hard to get to your goal but i made it to level 9 this game is fun and the night club makes a lot on money

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3.73 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2009
5:20 AM EDT
Strategy - Other