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OK. This was a game i made when i first got flash 9, it was based on a friends and my earlier td that did not have health. Anyway it is pretty basic but hard to win. I recommend that you play this on a reasonable internet connection because it has a lot of creeps at times.


NIce game but very easy

It was OK. But how many waves are there??
Cause my defense beat them very easily however.

Not bad for a basic td but some flaws

1) The cannon and fire towers are too good
2) The black waves drop far too much money, ruining the diffacult curve
3) The game lags to unplayable levels when you build enough fire towers (which you will need)
4) No music (its not hard to nab something from the audio portal)
5) The stratergy jsut boils down to build a few cannon spots, spam upgrades, build a few fire towers, spam upgrades, fill map with towers till game becomes unplayable from lag

Not bad, although this TD template has been used a lot before, you at least tried to spice it up with some tougher enemies.
I look forward to you future work

Pretty Good

At wave 4 I suffered a huge pounding, took me down to 6 health, and I didn't have enough money to get more towers. Then right afterwards, the money came flowing in, and I found myself randomly upgrading stuff to get rid of it all. Though the graphics aren't that good, it was pretty good. Right now I'm on wave 18 and my computer is totally lagging. Nice game though, 7 out of 10.

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giood attempt but...

A lot of things are left too open(such as path and area where you can build) as well as too small(description for guns) also you might want to have a time to build a few guns up before starting the first wave...

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1.68 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2009
3:58 AM EDT
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