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I made this game a while back, taking suggestions on what I can do to transform it into something awesome.


Has potential!

Good graphics and gameplay, but I have a few suggestions:
-Lateral movement
-Spending points on upgrades
-Maybe bombs
-Plot development
With some work, this could end up as a classic!

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Fun game, but might need some bugs worked out.

I found the game to be amusing at first. Anything that allows for weapon upgrades, be they purchased or found, will capture my attention for a while. I encountered a very frustrating glitch however. After defeating the first boss with the pincers on the front of the ship, all of the movement controls locked up, and I proceeded to take a beating until dead. The problem did not correct itself when I respawned on my next life. I was using the green 3 way shooter, if that helps at all in addressing the bug. If no one else reports it, it might have been a rare fluke. I was certainly not a keyboard malfunction on my end.

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heres a suggestion

how about an upgrading system, so that after killing a few aliens, your weapon upgrades from exp, bla bla, the gameplay was alright, and i like the fact you can get people for lives. overall, pretty decent. good job. maybe a way to spend your points after a level for better weapons or something or other... maybe bombs, bigger better detailed ship. not very original, but hey, twas fun. oh, and the title was a bit disturbing, in that xenocide is the killing of foreignors... i know i didn't spell that right but yeah. good job nontheless.

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5minutesoff responds:

Nice idea. Xeno just means alien ... which can mean foreigners I guess, if I could find the art.

No good

When you die later in the game your weapon goes back to the first level and you cannot kill anything at all! So basically if you die once you have to restart or else the entire time your just getting out of the way and not doing anything untill a boss comes so that made this game... not so good. Better luck next time.

Now here's something with potential!

This is a great start to another fun shooter. What you need is more variety in the weapons, enemies, and wingmen, add more moving ability, some music, more sound effects, and levels with bosses.

If you can do all that, you have a winner!

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3.24 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2009
11:44 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight