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SAS: Zombie Assault 2

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After successfully completing the first mission, our hero is now sent to an abandoned military camp, again overrun with Zombies. With more firepower, ranks and skills to unlock this time you should have no problems...

Hope you enjoy the game!

Edit: Guys, to clarify how the game works. You do not need to pay for anything to play the game. When you die, if you play again from the start you will keep your experience and unlock skills like fast reload or red dot sight etc. Every time you play however, you have to unlock new areas and guns again as part of the core gameplay.

If you want the ability to continue the same game after dying, or purchase any of the super guns to make the game easier, then you can.

This is a game trialing a beta version of a new system. If you like the game, great - if you don't then don't make it about the payment system, it should be irrelevant.



Definetly needs to be downloadable

this is by far your best work iv seen since the first SAS zombie assault game very good,,,part 3 maybe? more guns..more levels new modes? hey ul have the games portal by the balls if you make that great job


which i didnt like so much
downgrading so far back to the pistol..

*knowing what guns are in which room are crucial

*get some reasonable barriers, try the guns until you find a good one.. when you die, and you will, restart, get your barriers, and go for that gun

*develop some sort of strategy when the enemies come from all directions (you can outrun pretty much anything use that to your advantage) and start farming for monay

theres a ton of fun to be had here. of course the idea of having to pay for anything turns the most of us off and im a little sore i cant have items others can but you can still play and enjoy the core of the game, YOU JUST HAVE TO EARN IT!!


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Man this game would even be better if it was mutiplayer guns and upgrades are good (:


i love this game, i died at wave 28 when like 5 of the red dudes popped up, and like 200 skeletons, oh well that as my best run yet, also people you dont have to use the payment system ya know? its just there and i ignore it

(i use grenades for a failsafe if i get moobed i just chuck em everywhere)

This is cool

I like live up to wave 26 without buyable item then i buy them and i pwned zombie
i like complete game it like say you have Repell zombie assault and then unlock new mode i like got over 130,000 point on new mode and on new mode it mess up becasue it say wave 9999 if don't play 1st mode

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3.85 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2009
9:29 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun