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Hey, I've been working on this film for a while now, its coming along bit by bit... And i thought i'd share a preview trailer of it so far... Because the flash file had alot of movieclips and effects, i had to convert the swf into a video in order to keep the framerate constant. And then to get the video on here, i had to convert back to a swf, since the file size limit is 10mb here, it was hard to convert it without sacrificing alot of quality... You can watch the 720p version at: (http://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=cnyLY0nXMGw)
Also i appologise for lack of preloader... I'm half expecting this to be blammed but decent opinions on the trailer itself rather than its compression would be appreciated.

Movie is a Working Title and is expected to be completed between 2010-2011... For more information please visit: www.zoompa.co.uk.

Story, art and animation is owned by Mark Howlings. 2008-2009



the animation aws good music decent but the story when the demon kid comes back gets kind of dumb all he does is kill a cop talk to that lady and go on a building its kinda all over the place if you ask me

z00mpa responds:

Well obbviously it is only a preview, i didn't wanna make it too long and i tried to show a variety of scenes... But obbviously a 2min preview to a full film would leave you feeling its bit all over the place??? Admitedly, this trailer does need that synopsis i added to make atleast abit of sense to people...

looks gooooooood

you can see the mass effort you put into this, ill hceck i out

music selection

i liked it alot

except: i didnt think that the keane song really fit in with the story of like a demon child haha

just a thot


Good drawing/animation. Alot of pixilation throughout the flash. Voice quality was a little low, but still understandable. Hope to see the completed work soon.

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3.41 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2009
5:24 PM EDT