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Madness' Creed

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So I'm back on Newgrounds. Probably not for very long. I was very bored one day and while playing Assassin's Creed, got the idea to flashitize it as Madness. Now this is a short. That means its not a full length film cause I'm really freaking lazy. This also means this took me... maybe a day to draw? And probably a total of 3 days off and on of animating. Also I am fully aware of the audio popping, turn your speakers down. If you can't load the movie, which people always bitch about, its your crappy computers problem. Not mine. But anyways watch, enjoy my result of boredom and if you do review keep it civil (unless you're Whitehawk then you are fully welcome to say "A DURR DURR DURR!")

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pretty good

giving you a 5/5 9/10 'cause the fact that he had a BILLION hidden blades annoyed me, still awesome


you should make a game like that or make a sequal with Ezio


Make a sequel and a game? :D Also, do you think Ezio and Altair might meet up soon? (Caution:I havent beaten ac1, so im not sure if altair might die.)


This flash is cool and you read the creators minds, there's already assassin's creed 2, the main character is still Desmond Miles but this time, his ancestor takes back after the 15th century in Renaissance Italy, the heroes name is Ezio Auditore Di Firenze which in english is Ezio "The Flying One" the game features many new weapons, assassination technique's, and more, go to youtube.com to look of what are the up's and downs in the game. -This review is from a game's critic in the philippines