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Mario the Asshole

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Author Comments

What an asshole

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the animation was ok

im sure this is more positive then most reveiw but the music was great and the animation was colorful and bright not that good but appealing to look at and the vid is mario the asshole if you dont want to see him be a asshole dont watch

needs a lot of work

The animation was terrible and just a bunch of gore that looked terrible. Next time put more effort in the quality of the drawing it was way too simple to be enjoyable. Is there a reason you made this? Do you not like mario as you just make him look terrible. Guns and mario bad idea. If you have so much time on your hands make it good then not terrible like this.

Also not even a little funny.

This was just random crap. The ending credits was too short just shows the time you put in this which was barely any. I'll stick too the other flashes that are all much better than this.

Shiftyluke responds:

I didnt intend it to be super good like every other flash you may see
People ARE allowed to make flashes the way THEY want them still, arent they?

overall pretty bad

you need to work more on scene/take duration. one shot of mario driving, even for the purpose of creating a long travel, is uncalled for. also, certain text (45 minutes later - way too long - and the credits - way too short - are prime examples) and close-ups and such were poorly done. the graphics were pretty bad - i don't mind a rough-drawn flash so long as character interactions and such are well-done. that'd be on par with just about everything else: the text that there was was pretty weak and flat, the pacing was slow and tedious, and none of the content was particularly interesting or innovative in any way - not helping this was how drawn out the whole flash was. you need to practice shortening (in most cases) and quickening things; 10 second shots of mario and another person, or mario's face, etc. are not interesting and in their execution wasn't funny at all. not to mention they all contribute to more than 8 minutes of film which is absolutely ridiculous. and lastly, the music cut out at least 2 minutes before the flash had ended - for which i was actually glad in a way, because the music was dreadful with so much repetition.


Yeah, it was okay. The animation and art weren't particularly good, but the music slotted into place nicely.

The thing that didn't work was the length - consider how many times Mario is just standing still. If you played this at twice it's speed, it'd be funnier - consider "Dad at work", where you're still laughing at the last piece of violence while the next one is being committed. Here, it seems like you're waiting for a while between each smile. And some better, more random acts of violence would have made it funnier.

Did like the bit with the Princesses though, and the whole pupil-widening thing. This deserved to pass judgement, but for a better score next time consider making it shorter with a faster pace.

Not nearly as bad as i thought it was going to be.

I laughed a few times. I suggest you let some friends watch it, and watch at when they laugh. Then remove the parts where they don't laugh. When you are making the movie yourself, it seems a lot funnier, i know. The most difficult thing an artist must be able to do is trim the fat. There's nothing wrong with long movies, but honestly, a lot of it just wasn't funny. It was WAY better than i expected though, and for that, you get an 7.

Credits & Info

3.67 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2009
4:14 AM EDT