L4D Short: Starring Louis

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Made for a school project, I dedicate this to Valve (And everyone previously involved in the L4D project). Up until the announcement of L4D2, they have always proven themselves to look out for their players, which is why I have no problem dishing out 50+ dollars to play their games... But Valve, please, the expectations of L4D1's DLCs have not yet been met.. if you release L4D2 with L4D1 in it's current state... Prepare for unforeseen consequences.

Enjoy this short little clip!


Getting too many comments about Louis' apparent color. Lemme explain...

Each Character in L4D has a contrasting color associated with them. Louis' is white, Zoey's is red, Bill's Green, and Francis' black. The color is based on CLOTHING, not SKIN COLOR.


the best left 4dead flash so far.

I appreciated the work effort you put into this. It may be a short but the experience felt like i was watching a l4d movie(which i pray happens). Keep it up the good work.

P.S. no offense but your crazy for boycotting l4d2 it has so much to offer and youll be missing out. Im really curious as to why I hear people boycotting this game, if its just cuz of little DLC thats crazy thats what the second one makes up for.

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StealthBeast responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

As for my being in the boycott (which, yes, I'm still a boycotter), it's not just about DLC (although that is ONE of the serious cornerstones of the boycott). It's about supporting the steam community.

We didn't have a working game for MONTHS... The matchmaking system is still pretty messed up, but there was a time when the system was so broken, it was literally unplayable. You'd spend 15 or more minutes clicking "quick play" trying to get around "server is full" messages, and if you started a friend's lobby and tried to play, you'd be trying to find a working server for 25 or more minutes... then once you FINALLY got into a server, the pings were all red (because at that time, we didn't even have a ping number system). Then the glitches... Spamming melee attacks at the rate of 5 swings a second, tanks hitting people through walls, autoshotguns killing tanks in literally 2-4 seconds, miniguns launching people across the maps, hunters phasing through saferoom doors, infinite pipebomb glitches, the smoker's broken cone of grab, hunter's entirely overpowered slash, a method known to skip every crescendo in the game, and so much more I can't even remember... L4D was like that for months (fire your playtesters valve). But we tolerated it.

We had an elaborate chain of artists in the community, myself included (though to a far lesser degree), who were eager to provide user content for L4D. We planned out models, animations, and maps before L4D was even released. I was expecting for us to get the SDK (software developer's kit) FAR before release... But even a week before release would have been acceptable. Releasing the SDK at the moment of release would have been disappointing, but tolerable and not harmful in the long-term. Releasing the SDK shortly after L4D is unacceptable... but in the long run I guess wouldn't have been that bad. But not even that happened. To this day, we STILL don't have a proper SDK... but we tolerated it.

But hey, as important as the SDK was the community, it's not MANDATORY right? I mean, look at the DLC TF2 got... They would have thrived even without an SDK. After all, L4D was being compared to TF2 DLC-wise throughout the entirety of its production. Needless to say, I had some high hopes for L4D's DLC. So the first DLC gets announced... and pushed back... and pushed back... Fine, whatever, date's being pushed back by valve isn't new to anyone, nor is it the end of the world... So the DLC gets released... And we find out it isn't DLC at all! In fact, the only new content is a single map (the smallest in the game, and arguably the most boring), and a new gamemode that everyone played for a week and never again... but we tolerated it. (Oh, and we finally got the versus maps we should have had from the beginning (which, are LITTERED with broken walls)... later crash course was released (the first true dlc), a poor excuse for a L4D campaign recycling everything they could think of (oh, and it was broken on release)..)

So about half a year after the release of L4D1, I'm screwin' around on Expert mode with some buddies, teaching them the infinite molotov glitch that wasn't fixed, when I hear a rumor about L4D2. At first, I was enthusiastic, "Oh! A brand-new game, taking the gameplay where L4D1 could never go right?". Well, I saw the E3 teaser... Lol.... Nothing like staring at DLC to really amplify the dead silence and non-applause from the crowd after the trailer... I immediately joined the boycott near the beginning of its conception but swore to leave it if valve proved us wrong upon release. They didn't.

Now my entire L4D friend's network has been completely decimated, making the relatively new team-versus mode worthless to me (which would have been worthless irrelevant, since it was released AFTER L4D2, no one used it when the community split). So Valve managed to destroy the L4D section of my friends list overnight. THAT... is intolerable.

I'd go on further, but I've reacher the character limit for review responses.


I liked it but It makes me wonder where Bill and Francis were when this was going on

StealthBeast responds:

I intended on making an animation that explained how the team innitially got together, but because of deadlines set by my school, my ambitious project had to get toned down a LOT... Now it basically stands as a basic graphics demonstration.

Fucking Rapetacular !


StealthBeast responds:

Where the fuck did you come from Mattkirby lol.

it was

GREAT i loved it but i want you to make another but make long and i mean long like movie it was AWESOME

StealthBeast responds:

Phew, I'd need to be paid to do that. This alone took about a month of about 2 hours a day to complete.. and I'm just not into flash as I used to be =(

At any rate, glad you liked it, and thanks for the 10/10


Wow! I mean wow! Great!
I play Left4Dead and this was extremely entertaining and reminds me of running around alone, which is bad in this game. And your comment about Valve, I couldn't agree more.

StealthBeast responds:

Glad you liked it. I like people who vote 10 =)

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Jul 12, 2009
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