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Aqua Man Episode 3

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Aquaman runs threw oldman's bridge but meets an enemy from his past, before he was even united with a human.

will Aquaman ever cross the bridge in time to stop Kroco? let's find out!

In the next episode I will have a new voice actor! hooray!!!
Why does no one ever review on my third episode. GVD movie 3 had no reviews and neither does this! PLEASE REVIEW EVEN IF ITS BAD! this is my 10th flash so it would be very nice

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ok ur geting there

ur starting to improve on every thing but try and make it clear when ur speacking into the mic ive been whaching aqua man and i can see improvements just keep it up and i might be one of ur fans but for now not seeming so


Opening statements:

To be honest, I didn't enjoy this at all. The main reason I even rated three is because I could tell you put some effort into it. Here are some things I noticed...


~Shapes are either basic or misshapen, characters don't stay the same shape in some scenes.

~Roadways and scenery are unspecific.

~Motions are unsmooth and unrealistic.

~Mouth movements are sad, this will be further explained later in this review.

-( Audio )-

~Voices ranged in volume, and sound horrible.

~The voices did not match with mouth movements.

~Music was usually too loud and masked voices to the point where I would rather just focus on it rather than what your characters had to say.

~Even the music sounded annoying, but it wasn't horrible. I just wouldn't use it if I were you.

~Sound effects were unreasonably loud, especially compared to some of the voices.


~The only thing I found funny was the ending, which I won't mention as to prevent spoiling it for others.

~Physics were clearly unrealistic.

~There was no pause button, no rewind, no fast forward, no scene select, and no quality select (not important to add though, it's already low quality).

~There's no option to go back to main menu.


Try harder next time, and you might get a better review.

cackletta responds:

go to info there WAS a scene select although I think I should've made it more noticable. next time look at info and you'll see it.

Flight Man

That guy seems really cool! haha,
Cant wait to see the next one,
oh f*** lmao

A review eh...

Well I've never seen Aqua Man 1 or 2 so I had no idea where the plot was going. The art isn't that fantastic, but that's no reason to not keep making animations. You'll get better with time. The voice quality is bad, but I guess you're doing the best you can. At certain times I can hear you breathing into the mike and that just throws it all off.
Also sometimes the music is louder then the character talking so I can't really catch what is going on.

Credits & Info

3.53 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2009
8:15 PM EDT