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Poor quality

I think that there is very little point or plot to this piece, showing that SlusheeClock wishes to be the King of the Portal, but if he were, the whole world would end, as only StrawberryClock can be king, else it is a paradox.

With the way that you set it out and Strawberry was saying that the crown was for being king of the portal, why does part of the image move up, as if being absorbed by the crown? It's a bad layering issue and needs to be resolved.

As for the drawing style, you might want to consider zooming in and using a smaller tool to get a better degree of control over the image you're drawing. From there, when you zoom out, it will look a lot sharper and you'll have a much better look already. With the way that you've not cut out the images well, the zoom in trick will give you greater control there and the pieces will join together more seamlessly.

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-Not the most original piece of work since it's just a few fair frames of animating. There could of been some more dialouge used and some speakonia voices instead of just the text coming across the screen. The clocks could of also used some touching up in the drawing department since strawberryclock clearly has a line going through his head.

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Can't really call this a flash.

Sure, Strawberry Clock is the king of the portal. We've heard.

Your drawing skills are rather poor. It's a really simple drawing that barely looks like a strawberry, and I don't know what the white line a the top is for.

Asking for a five never gets you a five. Almost. I guess in this case, it did.

At least the music you used was really good. I like it, at least.

Try animating your flash next time, would sure make a lot of people happier, because this can't really be called a proper flash.

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Did anyone even watch the flash?

If its meant to be funny,fail! if its meant to prove a point that StrawBerry clock is King, Turd of the week!(Its a prize,none the less)

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I don't understand

The video isn't creative and I don't think is funny. And your message isn't very clear, as same as your drawings. It's too short and it doesn't have any sense.

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Jul 12, 2009
1:55 PM EDT
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