Takuto: Chapter 1

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I humbly present to you Takuto: Chapter 1. An Anime inspired Visual Novel Series.

This particular chapter is the premiere of Season 1. Season 1 will be 13 chapters long and will end on October 17th.

A synopsis of the set up for the beginning of the story:

"Takuto wants to become a professional magician, but he's failed the entrance exams for the school he wants to get into 3 years in a row. Returning to Oak Wood, he will try for his 4th year."

You can find the prelude to the series on my profile, or at this link:

http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/500078

All visual artwork and music is original. Thanks for watching. :-)



It's a great concept. I felt like I was watching an animatic from an anime-style video game. You know like the ones they got on the DS. Anyway I like your art style its very pleasing to the eye.

I have to tell you I'm a big fan of a series with a great story and it seems like you're on the right track. I'll be sure to keep up with the series if you keep up the good work.

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MarkHansAvon responds:

Hey, thanks for the review dementredvere. =)

I do believe that when you have money there is a standard, and when you don't there isn't. The point being I definitely tried my best on the visuals. XD

Thanks again for the feedback.

Syntax junkie

I personally love your animatic style. It's refreshing to see something so sketchy on Newgrounds. I have some minor issues with your spelling in some places - such as one instance of "you're" spelt "your." Also I feel you overuse certain punctuation marks exclusively; such as ellipsis where you could easily use a comma, double exclamation marks where a full stop would certainly function better. I don't like to wait for the text to scroll to the end. Perhaps you could implement a skip feature? A little more music wouldn't hurt either...

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MarkHansAvon responds:

Hello there Ploe. =)

Yeah my punctuation has never been the best. Thanks for the feedback, and I had discussed the lack of music on some parts already. I may put some ambiance in there in some places in future chapters.

Thanks again.

pretty good

even with its low graphics quality and slow speed, which i think you should fix up a little, it has an excalent story line and very interesting characters, cant wait for the next one.

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MarkHansAvon responds:

Thanks cheep11. =)

Graphics quality has never been my forte, but as I go I do believe I will get better and better at drawing. My style is personally set up for speed production so that I can get the story out fast and still have it in as good a visual quality as possible.

Thanks again for the review. =)


aside from the bad audio quality in the beginning... this movie was good fix that and your gold... had to give it an 8 cause of the sound tho :/

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MarkHansAvon responds:

Hey, thanks for the review punkheadrawr. :-)

The sound will be in higher quality when I get my new music libraries which have just shipped out, so hopefully I'll be able to re-upload a higher quality music and sfx verison.

Thanks again for the review.

Pretty good

you should colour it and maybe spiff up on the drawing just a bit

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MarkHansAvon responds:

Thanks for the comment SgtKakoan. =)

I'll hopefully get better as I draw this.

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Jul 11, 2009
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