eggs ep.1 racist

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johno and beany go to the game store while stripe plots they're death



I liked it ^^
Has what every other video dosn't have.
It gets boring watching perfectly done animations..

WELL not every video will come out Perfect,
And heck your new for animating, dono why people are going to harsh :\

harryfox responds:

you rock man thanks its people like you that make me wont to animate thanks


The jokes weren't funny. Work on the animation too. Sorry.


You can make this series work...but only by working ON it. The little Seinfeld-type transition music destroys all humor elements (especially because it was played too often). I also found almost no emotion in your characters voices. And the video should end. Never loop your video unless you make certain types of flash that I will not delve into.

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harryfox responds:

thanks man ill try to inprove but could you tell me how to stop the loop thanks

Voices need work

Props on your first submission. Do work on the voice acting- it is a bit flat and not dynamic. The story is ok, but try to add some more action. Keep working on it, though

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harryfox responds:

thanks for the good review ill try to make it better number 2 coming out soon take a look at it if you like


This is a an okay animation
Jokes a bit stale
The sound is annoying With that annoying clicking sound and stopping all the time
The art work could be improved
All in all nothing spetial but it could be!

harryfox responds:

thanks ill try to make the cartoons look beter my friend is going to do some of the voice's for number 2 and ill try to get rid of the clicking thank

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1.64 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2009
9:28 PM EDT
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