Don't mess with Tingle

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WARNING: You will not understand this if you have not played "Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask"

If you have...

I just thought of this one day while listening to K-Dm's music, go check his music out sometime folks!

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LOL this is friggin EPIC

the worst nightmare ending is the best. that map LOL.

damn i wish i knew about this earlier... looks like im a year late lol.

neways good work man. ur awesome.


CartonOMilk responds:

See, It was even better when the music was in sync. I had it all right but I didn't do something correctly and it ALWAYS falls outta place!

Ah, but even today I STILL listen to your music. (Failure, Liberation, No More Tears, and Life Story are the best) I had it on my shuffle, then that broke, took it over to my phone, then zune, then back to phone, so I keep it with me.

Most of them inspire me to do different stuff, but I'm not quite good enough, so I'm gunnu keep working on my Flash and come back to it. So Thanks man! Means a lot coming from you!


great animation funny how the moon crashed like in the game :) very well done

CartonOMilk responds:

Haha Thanks!
Yeah, I thought that was a nice touch.

You're great

Hey, this was a very well animated flash for a first try, the voices were very well placed specially with in the Tingle's dad scene.
Is another perspective for Tingle. I know is hard to make the graphics, but they were very well done for the first good flash you make.

CartonOMilk responds:

Hey thanks man!
And by you knowing who tingles dad is I'd say you've played the game!
Don't worry, I'll get better.
And now I know how to make the music stay in the right places.
Thanks again man for being a beast.
I wanna shake your hand, my good man.

The jokes

They're not too humorous.Well It just didn't make me laugh.But it's alright.

P.S.Don't mess with tingle?Tingle is fucking annoying XD.

CartonOMilk responds:

Sounds to me like you shouldn't of watched it in the first place.
If you don't like Tingle
And the title is something making him sound tough....
Why would you watch it?

Anyways, I hope my future animations are funnier,
For this one I was just trying to animate better.
It is a big jump from my last try.
Thanks for the review man.

I'll get better

Good Job.

This was very funny. I've been playina lot of LoZ MM again, just because of this flash. Rundown:
Animation- 7
Story- 6
Concept- 10

This was very good, just spend a little more time on the animation. The story was hard to grasp if you didn't play Majora's Mask, and even though I have played/beatin it, the only parts that made sense were boy shooting Tingle, and when he beats up the guy with bombs. The rest was filler scenes. Cancept was ingenious. That's all.
7/10, 4/5 Good luck with future flash,and don't forget my words, lol.

CartonOMilk responds:

Thanks alot man!
I appreciate your help!
I agree, the story is really blurry,
it was good practice for me though.
Thanks for the honesty.
My next will be better.

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Jul 10, 2009
7:59 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody