Ball and Chain

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Hi Newgrounds!
I haven't made a game here in a while.
Swing your way through 26 unique levels in "Ball and Chain". Move from start to finish without touching the walls. But watch out, it's harder than you may think!

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very good

i like this kind of games, i am not that good but i like xD

Total Time 676" (almost 666 OMG just 10 seconds รบ.u)

i think that it just needs a mute button...yeah, just that
the difficult was good, not so hard and not so easy
the graphics... a game like this don't need excelent graphics, so it don't count
yeah... this is a nice game, make more games man...make more games...


i haven't played a game like this in.....since the last time i played a game like this. it was difficult, but, beleive it or not, being the pro gamer that i am, i beat it, and it was a very fun game to play.

for those of you that doubt that i beat it, at the end, for me, it said

total time
return to menu

play more games at...fast games
lightning bolt.

Good Game

It has simple yet challenging gameplay, with nice and clean graphics.
The song is quite good though, it might get a bit boring when it keeps looping and without a button to mute it could get on your nerves.
The only real complaint I have is that the ball sometimes moves a bit unnatural and keeps floating sometimes.

But all in all, a great game that provides a lot of fun.

A good game

A little difficult, but I enjoy it.


You have made a good game here. The music is of good quality, and you have made the game pleasingly difficult in that you have to be careful of both, the ball, and the chain's handle. I await to see what you have in the future.

Credits & Info

3.17 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2009
2:10 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid