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Zimmi EP 1

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Author Comments

Woah. I'm so glad it's finished :3
I really hope you enjoy it, I worked very hard on this one. I actually wrote a story this time!
And Ed did such a good job narrating this thing. I'm very happy :D

Runtime: almost 3 minutes.

PS: Since it's graphically pretty intensive, it's quality is already set to medium, but if it's still slow I advice you to put it on low quality.

PS2: Special thanks to Zak(TheBaldy), who linked me to the music :3 And thanks to Tom for the wacom! I love it so much c:


Simple and sweet.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

You had a nice simple style here. Nothing too amazing, but not bad at all. Just kind of somewhere in the middle. Very simple animations that didn't look like they took too much work, but it gave the submission a nice relaxing feeling. Interesting use of lines and colors makes this very cartoon like.

~ Story/Content ~

A random story, but I think it really makes fun of how generic story lines are nowadays. At least if you weren't trying to poke fun on generic story lines at least that's what I got from it.

"Nice sunny day, Conflict happens, Conflict resolved, conflict happens, big gap in story line, conflict thought to be resolved, conflict really is resolved, and they live happily ever after." Yeah, pretty generic, but almost in a funny way.

~ Audio ~

The voice started off strong, but then started to die out later on. That's the reason for my 9 instead of the 10. I don't know if the voice actor started to talk quieter or if the music got louder, but he started to get drowned out later in the submission. Other than that decent music and voice acting.

~ Overall ~

Except for the voice starting to die off towards the end of the submission I don't see anything wrong here. Good work, nice style, interesting approach to a generic story line, etc.. Keep up the good work.

~ Review Request Club ~

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Rutger responds:

Thanks dude! Yeah, the sound is getting a bit mixed up at the end, if I'd lower the volume of the music at the end you would've had to turn up the volume a bit too much though. I wish there was a way to increase volume inside flash itself ):

Nice little story

A nice little story, worth all of the other fairytales. although it's short, I don't think it'd need to be longer.

The artwork fit the style of the story, requiring no more nor less. very good work.

Rutger responds:

Thanks dude!


Usually a flash like this takes a turn for the worse, like we find out the kid is actually a serial killer or crack addict having hallucinations. It turns from all charmy to depressing. But this stuck with it and was charming all the way through. Great job!

Rutger responds:

Haha, yeah, that's what you get when roaming the internet for a few years q:


Art/Animation: 8/10
Well, I love your psychedelic effects with the colours and triangular textures. The animation was a bit repetitive, but overall it was very good, except for the walk cycle, it didn't look too good.

Concept/Storyline: 7/10
It was quite good, but a bit boring and slow. The names seemed a bit generic too..

Audio/Music:: 10/10
The voice was great, and the music suited the flash really well. There isn't much here I can fault you on.

Overall: 9/10
Really good, but has a few flaws..

[Review Request Club]

Rutger responds:

Thanks! Generic names? I was trying to do something different than Eric and Billy and John actually

What you smoke man?

This is so abstract.

Rutger responds:

nothing :3

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3.94 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2009
6:13 AM EDT
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