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Holiday Animation- 2

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Yeah if you haven't already seen the first I'm making an animation a Day.
Here's todays.

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Well done Christopher Alexander Anthony Guy

Better than yesterdays I thought, shows you might produce some really good flashes to look back on at the end of these two weeks.

The drawings are all really good, looks alot like you, your dad and your livingroom aswell even. Well I'm excited for your future ones.

Alienslushie responds:

I'll get up in yo ass like a wedgie.

I like where this is going

I wasn't convinced yesterday, but now... now I'm pretty sure you're going to have a nice little collection of snippets at the end of this.

Alienslushie responds:

I just want to hold you boogley

That or...

it makes you're dad the boy from two and a half men, you his father, and James the other fellow.

Alienslushie responds:

That's freekishly accurate...

You've a unique way of tweening.

I honestly haven't seen many artists that can make tweening seem so life-like and enjoyable, rather than robotic and saturated. I gotta say you've become one of my favorite authors after watching your madness flash, I'll definitely be on the lookout for more of your stuff.

As for the flash: Short, too short, but I liked the style. I feel that's what you and your dad really look like. if you were to be transformed into cartoons, it's got that cool indie animation feel.

Its blurry

and short, but for one day thats pretty good animating

Alienslushie responds:

Yeah, I've been trying to fix the blurryness, but I've been distracted by adding the final touches to my madness tribute, out tomorrow!