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BBS and Review guide

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Author Comments

I got inspiration from finally figuring out flash. The guide is all written by Corky through 4 different blogs, since I know some people are lazy he said he wouldn't mind and I put them in flash format instead for your convenience.

This guide covers the following:
-ideas of how to post in the BBS(Bulletin Board system)
-Abusive reviews, what is and what isn't
-His ideas on what reviews should be
-How to write a helpful review

Coding was a bitch and took ages, lol. Please do enjoy this guide, if updates are needed then they can be applied. Now enjoy this come forth as a more helpful Newgrounder.

After hearing a couple of reviews I notice that I could have spent a bit more time on a couple of the pages to make the text readable size so I'm pretty sorry about that but I can't really do anything since I no longer have flash for the time being.


Alright but needs polishing

Alright I'll write my review by following this little guide here since it's pretty good :p

First of all the graphics, I think the generall design of the pages is a bit bland and could use some more details. Apart from some line in the background, the text and the buttons, there really isn't much stuff to attract the reader's attention.

I would suggest to add boxes around titles and text and maybe some thematic backgrounds, for example you could edit a screencap of the BBS and use it as the background for that said page. By doing so it would also make the pics "blend" in more with the rest.

Also, I noticed that the text was never in the same spot as you change pages. This is a minor detail but I wanted to point it out. When you read a book or go on a site, usually you'll notice theres always a set distane between the text and the border of the page, by doing so it gives a much more proffesional look to your stuff and looks better in the long run :D

As for the color of the text, it's both a plus and a minus. I think the fact you used different colors in different categories is a nice addition and it helps with the general 'learning' of it :) on the other hand, don't use colors that hurt people's eyes. bright breen and bright pink on a dark gray background can give some people headaches if they read in the dark, so try and desaturate the colors a bit or use darker tones next time :)

Now for the "story" XD Well I think all the tutorial were very good and gave very uselful tips on how to give reviews and how not to give reviews, the only thing I could say is that the "good reviews" and "writing helpful reviews" should be merged as one as it would be easier for people to follow the tutorial. Lets say someone is lazy and just wants to write helpful reviews, he might not read it carefully and not read th e 'good review' part nd he could go around starting bitchfests because he had no idea what a 'good review' was, therefore thinknig even 'bad reviews' can be helpful.

Also for the controls/naviagation thers not much to say, but maybe putting some text bellow the buttons that say 'next' and 'previous' so its clearer, but really its very simple to navigate through the pages so thats good :)

Also I loved the music, sme people might find it annoying because its bouncy, but I really liked it so i wont complain, it also fitted with the general feeling of the flash, which is good. You might want to add a mute buttons for those who dislike this kind of music though, als i strongly suggest you make it loop D:

overall it was an okay flash, good information and all, but it lacks in the graphic deparment and it could use some overall polishing up, then it should be awesome and the "n00bz" could learn to do good reviews. but it needs to be touched up before it gets there. You get 3/5 5/10 from me, but im sure you could get a much higher score if you fixed the little details :)

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NekoMika responds:

You got the idea. :P

ALso on a side note, I'm still learn Actiosncript as well, I have the idea of buttons, music down but not much else. =l

SO true

i agree this site was made to be helpful also if your cant do better than youll look like a douche if you criticize i just dont get most people hat say i suck and stuff dont even know how to animate or the do worse than me i thinks its because there use to looking at all the popular ones the thin oh gee they all gotta be like em so they just shit on em. finnaly someone to understand also people shouldnt overreact and get made over a low rating hey it happens. also i notced if say you dont like it on one of those flashes like everyone enjoys they atuomatically make its useless and even though theres pointful reasons. i rembered egorapter favorited this flash that wasnt seen much now everyone is on its balls. thats all i gotta say now..

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NekoMika responds:

Okie dokie mate.

Omg a Corky52 rules and guideline flash

Good luck UJ. I did my part. Now its yours. I liked how the music ended automatically instead of being looped. The button was nice that it actually was pressed down when you clicked on it and released in the same manner. You did a swell job following tutorials I suppose. I didn't like the cheap gray background and the picture editing needs work. I am not sure maybe add a little 4 pixel border to it. Put some common Newgrounds wallpaper or something in the art portal from here http://www.newgrounds.com/art/resourc e/background#search:newgrounds. I wonder if i am a hypocrite.

The graphics were par but the text was reasonably expect for some parts I needed to zoom in on. A not much of a story just a helpful newgrounds rules and guideline interactive flash. You selected a good song, but maybe more from the audio portal could have been added. Like heavy metal songs, man. Finally I thought this was an average made flash but with good intentions, I forgive you for it being your first-like flash

NekoMika responds:

Thank you for the review.

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Credits & Info

4.07 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2009
7:27 PM EDT