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BBS and Review guide

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Author Comments

I got inspiration from finally figuring out flash. The guide is all written by Corky through 4 different blogs, since I know some people are lazy he said he wouldn't mind and I put them in flash format instead for your convenience.

This guide covers the following:
-ideas of how to post in the BBS(Bulletin Board system)
-Abusive reviews, what is and what isn't
-His ideas on what reviews should be
-How to write a helpful review

Coding was a bitch and took ages, lol. Please do enjoy this guide, if updates are needed then they can be applied. Now enjoy this come forth as a more helpful Newgrounder.

After hearing a couple of reviews I notice that I could have spent a bit more time on a couple of the pages to make the text readable size so I'm pretty sorry about that but I can't really do anything since I no longer have flash for the time being.

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Very Good

Informative Flashes like this should be a pre-requisite for new NG members to view, before being able to Review Flashes or Post on the BBS. Super helpful and well thought out. Background track was pretty cool too. I wouldn't call it an enjoyable flash, but it is well worth watching, especially for newbies. Great Job. Keep up the good and helpful submissions.

Cheers gamejunkie.

NekoMika responds:

Ah yes, but most just jump right in and tend to learn from mistakes so I guess you learn either way it seems. Would not mind newcomers reading it though. :P

Thanks for the review!!
Have a great day!


This seems like a perfect guide for anyone who wants to know about BBS posting etiquette and how to write proper reviews. As someone who likes to think of themselves as a good reviewer, it's always useful to find out any pointers that can lead me to writing reviews to best benefit the author of the work.

Showing an example of a good reviewer is always useful as then there is a standard to aspire to, and AnalPenguinFarming's (seriously with a name that ridiculous, I was not expecting them to be that great!) reviews were actually brilliant (even if the latest one he wrote was a two liner! :P) and I found myself going back through his reviews reading them for movies/games I haven't even seen!

The breakdown of a review into the different categories is a good idea, and is what I used to do when you could vote on each separate aspect of a movie audio/graphics etc. It's something I should probably try and do more so my reviews are more coherent, as I will sometimes find myself talking about one aspect of a movie before talking about something completely different in the next sentence.

So I could ramble on here about what a great guide you have put together, but you already know this. You also know that the presentation is the biggest drawback to this guide. It's functional, but it sure as hell ain't pretty (with the exception of those shiny shiny buttons!) The whole thing needs a lot of polish to make it look more aesthetically pleasing. The text shrinking near the end of the abusive reviews guide could have been easily fixed by just spreading it out over more pages instead of shrinking it down.

Having just said that, there is a LOT of text here and yes while this is a guide people may be put off by how much writing there is. Your BBS guide was much more user-friendly with pictures to illustrate your points and much less text all-round.

Music was suitable background noise to accompany the guide, always there (until the track finished halfway through reading XD) but never being obtrusiveor annoying. But some people may appreciate reading the guide without your music so a mute button would be helpful for them.

So overall, this is an excellent guide, and definitely recommended reading for anyone who wants to improve their review-writing skills. With a bit of a spit and polish, it'd even look good too! Nice job!

NekoMika responds:

Ahh yea, I still write a lot of nice reviews on a weekly basis as well. As for redoing this flash... maybe one day when I get flash on the current computer I'm using maybe I will.

Thanks a lot for the review!!

Incredibly Insightful

Very excellent information and guidelines! Especially what not to write. I know how it goes with people being rude, it happens all the time to me. The graphics were a little old school looking, but heck ... i love the 90's :P hahaha

Because of this helpful flash submission, I hope to be a better reviewer! Although my review is nothing compared to the ones below ... it takes time ^_^

Anywho! Lovely Job!

NekoMika responds:

Yea I know. I try to keep my reviews at a minumum of 2 paragraphs. :P

Omg a Corky52 rules and guideline flash

Information was gold, the presentation was bronze.

~ Animation/Graphics~

This is probably the biggest problem with the submission at hand. The background didn't look the best to me in my opinion. The white lines just looked odd and out of place, but I do see that you were trying to represent the newgrounds background as best as you could. The buttons looked pretty fancy I'll give you that. I think you have buttons down pretty good. Keep up the work.

~ Story/Content ~

The information was gold like I said and I really like these being put out there so people can see the information and learn how to improve. Hell looks like we got a couple of decent reviewers just out of this submission itself.

The biggest thing to improve this submission right along with the graphics would be shortening the information. People don't read the FAQ or other guides for a reason and that reason is because they don't want to read a lot.

If you were too take this information and cut it in half, maybe more by putting it into your own words then it would have helped a lot. It probably would have people been more interested in it too.

The third and final thing that would have really helped A LOT would be to add a quiz game that they can take after reading all of the guides to see what they had really learned. Probably something giving them some sort of score at the end would have been cool too and things telling them what they did wrong and everything.

~ Audio ~

I think that something you could look into the future, even though it may be out of your coding league right now would be to have a voice read the selection out loud so people didn't have to read it all themselves. And always having choices to mute/unmute or not having them play at all would be needed.

Something else would to still be able to find out how to loop that song. :P It stopped playing while I was in the middle of reading.

~ Overall ~

Maybe finding an artist, writer to shorten the words, and maybe another coder to help you with some more difficult things and a submission like this could win a daily award. You never know. I gave you an extra bonus point for improving since last time and signed it just in case it was requested in the RRC.

~ Review Request Club ~

NekoMika responds:

Thanks, I could see it happening.

it could have been more accurate

This flash doesn't look like you spent a lot of time doing it.
First off, the text is thrown it in different sizes. At some point (close to the end of the "Abusive Reviews" section) the text gets so small I had to zoom it in to be able to read it. That is not something you can call comfortable

I see that you've used JPG compression for the pictures. You might want to try using PNG instead because the size of the file increases slightly, yet the quality is very close to BMP.
Also, it would be a good idea to use audio compression to redice the total size of the flash.

NekoMika responds:

I spent more time coding it than anything else, I can see what you're saying though but the buttons took awhile.

Credits & Info

4.54 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2009
7:27 PM EDT