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Bunnykill 4

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Better late than never, right? Well, I'm glad it's finally done.

And once again, I want to point out that the story in Bunnykill 4 has nothing to do with the previous BK movies. So don't strain your brains trying to figure out how it all ties up. Just relax and enjoy the action.

I hope you all like it!

EDIT: Thanks for the frontpage!

Rajunen has released the entire Bk3 and Bk4 soundtracks.

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This is simply a masterpiece!

no kill counter?

This was really good. The animation just keeps on getting better and better. I love the dynamics between Snowball and Ruby.

However, it kinda suffered a little bit from the first one, when it comes to story plotting. It was only a bit later, I figured out, that it was Flint, who was the bad guy. Also, what were the motivations for Snowball and Ruby to stop Flint? A bit of exposure to our villain in the beginning could have worked out better. In comparison to the other ones in the Bunny Kill-series, where you had a more clear idea of whom was the bad guy, and why it was important for Snowball to stop him/her.

The climax, on the other hand, was brilliantly executed.

I started seeing their little pink bunny noses as a happy smiling mouth.... and now I can't unsee it.
They all seem really happy!

Anyone knows what's the track at credits?